The main local family names on Tristan are Glass, Green, Hagan, Lavarello, Repetto, Rogers, and Swain, recently joined by Collins and Squibb.

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Population Update, 16th July 2019, following the departure of MFV Edinburgh on 11th July

  Tristan Resident Family Totals

There are 246 Tristan da Cunha Islanders.

Presently, 23 Resident Islanders are overseas.

There are an additional 7 people living on the island, including expatriate workers and their families and visitors.

So there are 230 people currently living on Tristan da Cunha or visiting the surrounding islands.

Occasionally there are changes to the resident islander total as people re-gain or lose residency status.

Surname Male Female Total
Collins 0 1 1
Glass 16 16 32
Green 31 32 63
Hagan 3 5 8
Lavarello 6 7 13
Repetto 19 23 42
Rogers 12 15 27
Squibb 2 2 4
Swain 24 32 56
Total 113 133 246
Population figures are maintained by Cynthia Green.