News of islanders' births, marriages, deaths, and significant birthdays and wedding anniversaries, both on Tristan da Cunha and abroad, during 2013.

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Wedding on Thursday 5th December

Eugene Repetto and Kirsty Green were married
by Lay Minister Lars Repetto
in St Mary's Anglican Church
on Thursday 5th December at 3pm

Right: Kirsty and Eugene in Church
with Best Man Wayne Swain in between
and bridesmaids Poppy Lavarello and Kelly Burns left.
(Photo: Geraldine Repetto)

Left: Bride and groom make their way
down the aisle of St Mary's Church as husband and wife

(Photo: Lorraine Repetto)


Right: Kirsty, Eugene and their son Aiden ouside the Church
Left: Kirsty and Eugene at the Reception

(Photos: Geraldine Repetto)


Bridal Party in garden of The Residency

Back Row - Left to Right - Chloe Glass,
Natalie Swain, Sasha Green (Maid of Honour),
Wayne Swain (Best Man), Eugene, Kirsty, Kelly Burns,
Poppy Lavarello & Emma Swain.

Front Row - Left to Right - Ryan Swain, Jamie Glass,
Katie Repetto, Aiden Repetto & Chantelle Repetto.

(Photo: Lorraine Repetto)

Bride & Groom with Grandparents -

Left to Right - Peter Repetto, Gladys Lavarello,
Kirsty, Eugene, Isobel Swain & Pat Repetto.

(Photo: Lorraine Repetto)

Kirsty & Eugene with Parents -

Ken & Judy Green & Desiree Repetto.

(Photo: Lorraine Repetto)

Kirsty with her family
Left to right:
Father Ken Green , Sister Vanessa Lavarello,
Mother Judy Green, Sister Natasha Glass
and Brother Martin Green

(Photo Geraldine Repetto)

Kirsty and Eugene cutting the wedding cake at a Reception held in the Prince Philip Hall afterwards.

The couple followed tradition and toured the village (in the Conservation land Rover) to ensure that OAPs who could not attend were given a toast and some cake.

Eugene and Kirsty on The Residency steps with their son Aiden
Eugene and Kirsty leading the evening dance
Eugene with his mum Desiree at the dance in the evening

(Photos: Lorraine Repetto)


Another in-migration boost to the Resident Islander Population
Cynthia Green (who keeps a strict eye of Tristan's population) reports on 11th December that Anne-Marie Collins and Norman Glass have achieved full Resident Islander status after residence of two years. Anne-Marie is the daughter of Marion Collins (nee Hagan) and was brought up in Marion's former home in Dorset. Norman worked overseas (latterly in Dundee, Scotland) and has now returned to work in the Fisheries Department. See note below on the importance of returning Islanders to the Tristan community.

April Swain's Baptism
April Frances Letitia Swain was Christened in St Mary's Church on Sunday 29th September

Photographs from Dawn Repetto
Above: April in two delightful poses with her cake in between

Large Group Photo of April's Godparents from left to right:
Front row - Donny Green, Natalie Swain, Anita Repetto, Amanda Swain, (Calvin Green in front - not a God Parent), Samantha Swain, Shirley Willemse (in wheel chair) Adrian Swain, Lorraine Repetto, Kobus Potgieter, Leon Glass, Matthew Green
Back Row - Aron Swain, John Lavarello, Rodney Green, Leanne Swain, Justin Green, Lynette Green, Patrick Green, Steve Swain,
Shane Green, Andrew Green, Desmond Green, Ivan Green, Jonathan Repetto, Nicky Swain, Graham Rogers
Absent Godparents - Fouche Conradie
, Andrew Mawer, Natasha Green, Rachel Green, Janine Lavarello, Kora Monahan

Right Photo:
Samantha and Adrian Swain, with Lay Ministers Eddy Rogers (holding April) and Lars Repetto (who conducted the baptism)

Return of Islanders and their residency status
Islanders who live and work abroad must complete two years back on Tristan before they gain full residency status. This September Gillian Repetto and her children, Ramon and Conchita gained full residency status, and so boosted the total Resident Islanders from 259 to 262. A further seven returning Islanders, already living on Tristan, will boost figures in the next year. This is a trend to be welcomed as Tristan has a very high proportion of its population over 65 compared to other nations. Those Islanders who travel abroad for study, training or social reasons are always included in the 'resident' numbers even though they may be off-island.

Oldest and Youngest Tristan Islanders

Tina Glass has sent this lovely picture taken in May 2013 of
Ellen Rogers, who will be 95 on 5th September 2013,
with April Swain, who was born on 31st January 2013.

Note: Ellen is always referred to as 'Helen' on Tristan, as, in common with similar words beginning with a vowel, an 'H' is added in Tristan vernacular.

Obituary for Rosalie Green

We regret to announce the death of Rosalie Elizabeth Green on 29th May 2013 aged 51 after a long illness.

Rosalie was born on 6th December 1961 in Surrey UK when the Islanders were evacuated from the island when the volcano erupted. She was the youngest daughter of Douglas and Frances Green and sister to Tim and Sue.

Rosalie was a kind-hearted, caring and loving person and was well liked by all her friends and family.

Rosalie was very hard working both at home and in the patches. She was always cheerful and always had a smile throughout her illness. She will be sadly missed by all her friends and family.

Rosalie is survived by her Mum Frances Green, brother Tim and sister Sue, nephews Matthew and Dion and nieces Tricia and Gemma.

Photo of Rosalie (left) on 25th January 2013
as she celebrated the 90th birthday
of her mother Frances.
Also pictured is brother Timothy and nephews Dion and Matthew Green

Obituary for Doris Swain

We regret to announce the death of Doris Rebecca Margaret Swain (nee Lavarello) on Tuesday 30th April aged 87 after a long illness.

Doris was born on 27th January 1926, the fourth of six children born to John the Baptist and Maria Lavarello. Doris married Leslie Swain on 4th August 1948 and their only child Barney was born the following year.

Doris was a cheerful and kind hearted person who was always willing to lend a hand to anyone and always putting others before herself. She was very hard working and could often be found working in the potato patches either on her own or helping others. She attended church every Sunday even in winter regardless of the strong winds and heavy rain.

Doris is survived by her son Barney, grandsons Adrian and Nicholas and great grandchildren. Her memory will never fade and she will be deeply missed by all her family and friends

Photo of Doris from Emma Swain

Obituary for Ivy Glass

We regret to announce the death of Ivy Carter Glass (nee Lavarello) who passed away peacefully in Camogli Hospital on Monday 8th April 2013 aged 86 having been admitted there the day before.

Ivy was born on the 10th October 1926, the third of five children of Robert Franklin Lavarello and Mabel Mary Lavarello (nee Hagan). She married Andrew Glass, son of Gordon and Susan Glass, on 23rd June 1948.

Ivy was a kind and generous person, always willing to reach out to help and share with others. Her home-made custard biscuits were enjoyed by everyone.

Ivy is survived by her husband Andrew, son Eric and her brother Gilbert. She will be sadly missed by all her family and friends.

Baptism of Kailey Maria Swain on Easter Sunday
Report and photos from Carlene Glass-Green

Kailey Maria Swain was baptised at the Easter Sunday Eucharist service in St Mary's Church
on 31st March 2013 by Lay Preacher Eddie Rogers.

Eddie performing the baptism surrounded by parents and godparents.

Kailey with parents Clifton & Maria
and Lay Ministers Eddie & Carlene

Kailey with her parents Maria and Clifton
sitting in front of the altar

Family with Godparents Left to Right:
Front row Anita Repetto, Sandra Rogers, Marion Collins, Sharon Glass, Tracy Swain, Sarah Glass, Alison Swain, Maria Swain,
Clifton Repetto, Kelly Swain, Cliff Swain, Marie Repetto, Jason Green,
Back row: Linda Green, Kimberley Green, Leanne Swain, Dave Hendrikse, Philip Rogers, Jonathan Repetto, Julian Repetto,
Jerry Green, Andrew Green, Riaan Repetto, Steve Swain,Cedric Swain, Shane Green, Christopher Swain, Lay Minister Eddie Rogers
Absent were: Janine Lavarello who is in Cape Town, Rodney Green and Norman Glass working as fishery observers on board MV Edinburgh as well as Karen Schreier, Allan Ashworth, Julie Lee, Riaan Willemse and Jennifer Gardener

Photo and those below from Tina Glass
Clifton holding Kailey with his brothers Julian, Jonathon and Riaan and his parents (and Kailey's grand-parents) Rita and Gary.
Above: Kailey with her parents Maria and Clifton cutting the cake
Centre: Kailey with grandmother Nora Swain

Birth of April Swain

We are delighted to announce the birth of
April Frances Letitia Swain
in Cape Town on 31st January 2013
to proud parents Samantha and Adrian Swain
and weighing 3.5 kg.

Obituary for Dora Tarrant

We regret to announce the death of Dora Tarrant (nee Repetto) who passed away on Saturday 12th January 2013 aged 84

Dora was one of seven children born to Arthur and Edith Repetto and was born on 5th March 1928. She was the proud mother of two daughters Mavis and Debbie. Dora was a loving, kind and caring person who always put others before herself. She spent her life contributing to the community and was awarded The Chairman’s Cup in June 2010 for her years of voluntary work in Calshot. Dora had been looking after St George’s Church and Hall at Calshot since just after she came to Calshot from Tristan over 50 years ago and was the last original Tristanian to live in Tristan Close.

Dora is survived by her brother Ernest on Tristan, sisters Mildred and Violet in Hampshire, daughters Mavis and Debbie and by grandchildren Luke, Kelly, Kimberley and George. She will be sadly missed by family and friends in Britain and on Tristan.

Dora's funeral was held on 31st January at All Saints Church, Fawley, simultaneously with a service at St Mary's Church, Tristan da Cunha led by Lay Minister Lars Repetto.

Obituary for Diana Green

We regret to announce the death of Diana Agnes Green (nee Repetto) who passed away suddenly on 10th January 2013 aged 57.

Diana was the youngest of ten children born to Joe and May Repetto and was born on 9th March 1955. She married Timothy Green in 1976 and was the proud mother of two wonderful sons Matthew and Dion to whom she was devoted. She was a loving, kind and caring wife and mother who always put others before herself. She is also survived by three brothers: Peter, Lars and Gerry and four sisters: Tordy, Yvonne, Joy and Maureen.

All on Tristan to whom she was so fondly loved will sadly miss her.