News of islanders' births, marriages, deaths, and significant birthdays and wedding anniversaries, both on Tristan da Cunha and abroad, during 2010.
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Obituary for Douglas Green

We regret to announce the sudden death of Douglas Haig Green on 7th December 2010 aged 89. Douglas was the eldest son of John and Sophia Green and was born on 25th September 1921.

A very kind and generous person, Douglas was well respected by all who knew him. Douglas loved his family and his Tristan home. He knew the island like the back of his hand and was able to predict the weather days ahead. He could turn his hand to anything and was particularly good at carpentry, making model longboats and a traditional Tristan house for a friend. At home he was always pottering around the house or in his shed fixing something. Douglas was a very hard worker and it was a regular thing to see him working his patches or tending his animals. He knew who all the animals belonged to and the markings for each family by heart. As a very accomplished coxswain he made many trips to Nightingale in his longboat Union Castle or Raffee, and had a deep understanding of the sea.

Douglas always saw the best in life and never had a bad word to say about anyone. Six years ago he had to have his leg amputated which must have been difficult for a man who had such an active life and who loved working on the land. This however did not faze him and he continued with the same courage and determination he showed throughout his life. Although he had many knocks, he always got back up and always had a smile, never losing his sense of humour. He would recite from his vast knowledge the many exciting experiences he had of the olden days before and after the volcanic eruption, and his time in England during the evacuation. One of his talents was his ability to play cards, one of the many things he taught his grandchildren.

Douglas lived a life of courage, compassion, hard work and humility. He was an example to all, a family man who was there for anyone he could help and he will be sorely missed by all of those who knew him and think of him daily. He is survived by his loving wife Frances, son Timothy, daughters Rosalie and Sue and grandchildren Matthew, Dion, Trish, Gemma and two younger brothers Harold and Dennis.

Obituary for Leonard Glass

We regret to announce the death of John Herbert ‘Leonard’ Glass on 6th November 2010, aged 76. Leonard was born on 14th July 1934, the second eldest child of Herbert & Rachel Glass. He is survived by his wife Mary and his brother Alex.

Leonard was a keen worker who was always there to lend a hand. At dances and parties he often played the accordion and was known to be an excellent dancer. Being so tall, he was widely known as ‘Lofty’.

As he was so well regarded, Leonard was chosen to be one of the youngest members of the Resettlement Survey Party of six which returned to Tristan on 8th September 1962 following the volcanic eruption and evacuation to the UK in October 1961. It was this team who repaired houses and boats, planted potatoes and cared for any surviving livestock to prepare the way for the return of other Islanders in 1963.

Although Leonard and Mary did not have children of their own, Mariah Leitner (nee Green), and her brother Andrew Green (children of Leonard's sister-in-law) thought of Leonard as a father figure, after the untimely death of their own father Patrick in 1984, when they were both very young.

Leonard was a popular, pleasant and caring person who was always smiling. He will be greatly missed by all those who knew him, but he leaves behind many happy and treasured memories.

Mary and family would like to thank all those who have sent kind messages and given support at this sad and difficult time.

September Wedding

Gerald Rogers and Gail Troudex
were married on
23rd September
in St Mary's Church

Pictures from Gerald's sister Geraldine Repetto show:

Above Left:
Gerald and Gail with their daughter Genna and Gerald's parents Rhoda and Alfred

Above Right:
Gerald and Gail with their daughter Genna

Centre: Bride and Groom

From left to right: Rhoda, Rachel, Vanessa, Geraldine, Gail, Gerald, Martin, Paul,
Alfred holding Genna.
Front Row: Chloe and Chantelle

September Christening
Genna Rhoda Alexandria Rogers was Christened on Sunday 12th September 2010 in St Mary's Church
Photographs from Geraldine Repetto show:

Grandparents Alfred and Rhoda Rogers with Genna, Gail and Gerald
Centre: Parents Gerald and Gail with Genna
Above: Godparents and parents
Left to Right: Ricky Swain, Paul Repetto, Priscilla Hagan, Geraldine Repetto, Gerald Rogers, Gail Rogers, holding Genna, Martin Green, Vanessa Lavarello, Sue Kerr, and Clive Glass.

Confirmation in England

Charlie Smith, daughter of Drew Smith and Lorna Lavarello-Smith was Confirmed at St Giles Church, Desborough on Sunday 26th September 2010. 
Charlie was baptised on Tristan on 24th September 2006 by Lars Repetto, her God parents were Stanley Swain, Darren Repetto, Debbie Repetto, Cynthia Green, Geraldine Repetto and Valerie Nagel. 

Photos from Lorna show Left: Charlie (front far right) with other Confirmation candidates
Below: Charlie being confirmed.

Lorna embarking on training to become a priest
Islander Lorna is Vice-Chair of the Tristan da Cunha Association and she started training in September 2010 at Queens Theological Foundation in Birmingham to become a priest in the Church of England.  Lorna is being sponsored by the Diocese of Peterborough and after three years is expected to be ordained in Peterborough Cathedral. We wish her all the best for her training and future career with the Church.

September Christening

Returning Islander
Karen Lavarello-Schreier
arrived on the Edinburgh
for a visit together with her
husband Dani
and two children Chiara and Alessia. 

Chiara and Alessia were christened on Sunday 5th September at 8.30am
in St. Mary's Church. 

Group of parents and godparents for both children with the Schreier family
Right: Dani, Karen, Chiara & Alessia with Christening cake

Photos and report from Karen's sister Cynthia Green

Above Left: Alessia's Godparents - Back (L-R) - Shane Green, Douglas Swain, Andrew Green & Graham Rogers
Front (L-R) - Paula Swain, Dawn Repetto, Jackie Lavarello, Karen Lavarello-Schreier, Alessia Schreier,
Dani Schreier, Amanda Swain, Sheila Glass & Cynthia Green
Above: Chiara's Godparents Back (L-R) - Jack Green, Duncan Lavarello, Gary Repetto & Mark Swain
Front (L-R) - Vera Glass, Tanya Green, Karen Lavarello-Schreier, Dani Schreier, Chiara Schreier, Marie Repetto & Maria Swain

Katie's Christening
Katie Marita Repetto was christened on Sunday 1st August 2010.

Photographs from mother
Geraldine Repetto show:
Parents Paul and Geraldine
with Katie and sister Chantelle.
Chantelle with Katie

Centre: Godparents and Parents:
Left to right back row: John Lavarello, Eugene Repetto, Jim Kerr, Matthew Green, Paul Repetto, Colin Hagan.
Front Row  -  Geraldine Repetto, Beverley Repetto, Iris Green, Amanda Swain, Cynthia Green, Sue Kerr and Chantelle Repetto.
Other Godparents who were unable to attend: Trevor Glass, Drew Smith, Wikus Gerber, Marita Gerber, Val Nagel and Gail Tredoux

Gladys' 80th Birthday Celebration
Gladys Lavarello celebrated her 80th birthday in June 2010. Gladys has a special place in the Tristan da Cunha community as she served as midwife for many years.
She began her midwifery career by assisting her mother Mary Swain with deliveries. 
In 1972 she completed a midwifery course on St Helena during which she delivered 56 babies including twins. 
On returning from St Helena the first baby she delivered was Larry Swain on 13th June 1973. 
Gladys continued as midwife on a voluntary basis after her 'retirement' at 65 until assisting with the delivery of her great grandson Ryan Swain in 2007 when she was 76.

Dawn Repetto writes:

'Gladys was such a blessing
to all island mothers. 
She was calm, caring and passionate
about what she did. 
When a baby was born Gladys
would stay with mother and baby
day and night
until they went home from hospital. 
For seven days she would pay home visits and assist the mother
in how to care for her small bundle.'


Happy Birthday Gladys



Pictures and report from Dawn Repetto

Gladys with her cake
Gladys with daughters - Hilary, Judy, Rhoda
Gladys with grandchildren - Emma, Tasha, Martin, Vanessa & Kirsty
Gladys with great Grandchildren - Rachel, Chloe, Jamie and Little Ryan all of whom she delivered!
Birth of Katie Repetto
We are delighted to announce the birth of Katie Marita Repetto on 7th June in Cape Town.

Katie is the second daughter to Geraldine and Paul Repetto,
and a sister to Chantelle.
Geraldine and Paul have returned to Tristan
after living in Dorset, England, where they were married
and where Chantelle was born.
Paul is now working at St Mary's School
as Site and ICT Manager.
Geraldine works as Island Council Clerk
in the Administration Office.

The family will gain full resident status in September when therefore the number of resident Islanders will jump by four.

Photographs show Katie on her own
and with proud sister Chantelle

Obituary for Alice Glass

We regret to announce the death of Alice Mary Glass (nee Swain) on 1st April 2010 aged 94. Alice was the second daughter of Fred and Mary Swain, and born on 2nd February 1916. She married Sidney Glass on 14th June 1939, Sidney passing away on the eve of their 55th Wedding Anniversary in 1994. Alice had three daughters, Trina, Pamela, and Valerie, 7 grand-children and 9 great grand-children.

Those who knew her will remember her great love of the island history and the remarkable accounts she would relate of Tristan life in old days. Her favourite story was of the day when her husband Sidney rode on the back of a large whale which had capsized the fishing boat. Until thrown a rope to get rescued Sidney rode the whale and received quite deep cuts from the barnacles on the whale's back. At the time of her birth in 1916 she was one of just 111 islanders. There were just twenty-two families at that time living in eighteen houses. She was one of the few remaining on the island who remembered Tristan in the times before there was a school, church, hospital, doctor, money or radio. She would often say that people were happier and more contented then and rarely was there any illness on the island. She had her garden of flowers, her knitting and her bible and a loving family; those were her treasures.

She was the oldest Tristan Islander, and widely known by all as ‘Granny Alice’. Following a fall earlier in the week she died on Maundy Thursday and the funeral service and burial was held on Good Friday. She will be greatly missed by all her family and many friends.

Alice’s greatest treasure, her family, would like to express their thanks to everyone for their kind messages of sympathy and their ongoing prayers during this very sad and difficult time.  This has been a source of comfort and blessing to them all.

February Wedding
Jody Squibb married Shirley Swain on Friday 26th February 2010
at 3pm in St Mary's Church, Tristan da Cunha

Photographs from Cynthia Green show-

Left ~ Shirley with her father Stanley
and mother Jean Swain
as they prepared to go to Church.

Right ~ Jody & Shirley with bridesmaids Jade Repetto and Natalie Swain,
Maid of Honour Dawn Repetto
and Best Man Mark Swain.


Left ~ Jody & Shirley
with bridesmaids (left to right)
Natalie Swain,
Amber and Jade Repetto

Right ~ The newly weds
Jody and Shirley Squibb

Obituary for Pauline Green

We regret to announce the death of Pauline Laurie Green (nee Glass) on 4th February 2010 aged 77 after a short illness.

Pauline was born on 17th December 1932, the eldest child of Joseph Glass and Elsie Glass. She is survived by husband Barton, sons Gavin and Keith (married to Joanne) and by grandchildren Jason and Caryn.

The family wish to thank all those who have sent kind messages as they come to terms with their great loss.