News of islanders' births, marriages, deaths, and significant birthdays and wedding anniversaries, both on Tristan da Cunha and abroad, from 2005 to 2007.

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Obituary for Margaret Repetto

We regret to announce the death of Margaret Repetto (nee Lavarello) after a long illness, on 15th December 2007 aged 93. Margaret was born on 28th April 1914, the daughter of Gaetano and Jane Lavarello (nee Glass) and the last surviving child of any of Tristan da Cunha's original male settlers. She married Johnnie Repetto, and is survived by her children Lindsay, Rose and Sylvia, seven grandchildren, and twelve great-grand-children. As a mark of respect the Carol Service due to be held on the evening of Sunday 16th December was postponed as it followed the funeral and burial earlier in the day.s

Caitlin's Christening

Caitlin Mac Kenzie was baptised in St Mary's Church on Sunday 21st October 2007. Caitlin is a daughter for Claire and the Tristan Fishing Factory Manager Erik Mac Kenzie who was born on Tristan in January this year. Her muddish and fardi (Tristan names for godmother and godfather are Allan and Marlene Swain. Claire, who is a regular contributor to reports that, as usual, the islanders overwhelmed them with their kindness and generosity. They were lucky in having stunning spring weather and they enjoyed a lovely day.

The photo from Claire shows the proud parents with Caitlin.

Chantelle's Christening

Tristan Islanders Paul and Geraldine Repetto, now living in England, brought daughter Chantelle for an island christening in St Mary's Church on Sunday 2 September 2007.

Photographs taken by Janice Hentley show :

Left: Chantelle with parents and grandparents - Alfred Rogers, Lars Repetto, Paul & Chantelle, Trina Repetto, Rhoda Rogers, Geraldine

Right: Group photo including all the godparents who are Tristan residents.

Obituary for Albert Glass BEM

We regret to announce the death of Albert Glass on 18th August 2007 aged 72. Albert was a great-great grandson of the founder of the Tristan community Corporal William Glass. He was the only son of Frank and Clara (Mary) Glass (nee Swain) and was born on 25th January 1935. He married Rose Repetto and became one of the leaders of the modern Tristan da Cunha community after the return from volcanic exile in 1963. In 1967 Albert became Tristan's first policeman after training at Hendon Police College in England, continuing in distinguished service until his retirement in 1989, and he has always been known as 'Sarge'. His friendly smile, wisdom and renowned hospitality will be sadly missed. He served as Tristan's second elected Chief Islander from 1973 -1979 and also 1982-5.

Tristan Glass's Christening

Trevor & Tina's son Tristan Matthew Patrick Glass was christened on Sunday 1st July 2007 in St Mary's Church.

Photographs from Janice Hentley taken in the Prince Philip Hall show left Tristan with his proud parents and right with the group of godparents - right to left - Simon Glass, Tina, Sharon Glass, Keith Green, Sarah Glass, Andrew Green, Vanessa Lavarello, Trevor, Rodney Green and Dion Green.

Obituary for Neville Glass

We regret to announce the death of Neville Glass, on 19th May 2007, aged 67. Neville was the youngest child of Joseph Fuller Glass and Elsie Glass (nee Swain) and was born on 2 March 1940. He is survived by his wife Minnie, son Kevin, and his sister Pauline Green.

Neville was part of the team of 12 islanders who formed part of the Resettlement Survey Party who returned to Tristan on 8th September 1962. They prepared the island for resettlement following the volcanic eruption in October 1961, prior to the remainder of the islanders returning in March and November 1963. Neville worked for the Health Department and later the Agriculture Department until he retired.

Tristan Glass Easter Week Birth

We are delighted to announce the birth of Tristan Matthew Patrick Glass to Trevor and Tina Glass on Thursday 6th April 2007 in Camogli Hospital. Both mother and baby are well. Tristan is a long-awaited brother to sister Nicole.

Thanks to Robin Repetto for this photograph taken on 24th April.

March Birth in Cornwall

We are delighted to announce the birth of Tristan Calum Young to Paul and Mel Young (nee Glass) on 11th March 2007. Tristan weighed in at 7lbs 10 oz and is a brother for Kayleigh and Dave. Both mother and baby are doing fine.

Obituary for Allan Bryant Crawford MBE

We regret to announce the death of Allan Crawford on 26th February 2007 in his 95th year. Allan has made an immense contribution to the Tristan da Cunha community over 70 years and has been the leading light of the Tristan da Cunha Association. He has long been regarded as a much loved member of the Tristan family community and will be missed by his many friends on the island with whom he had developed such special bonds over his long lifetime.

As a mark of respect, all flags on Tristan were flying at half-mast on the day 'Mr Crawford's' death was announced.

There is a summary of Allan's contribution to Tristan da Cunha and the Tristan da Cunha Association on a special page devoted to the Life of Allan Crawford.

February Birth

We are delighted to announce the birth of Ryan Philip Rogers to Emma Rogers and Nicky Swain on Wednesday 7th February 2007 at 8am at Camogli Hospital. Mother and baby both doing well.

Thanks to Nicky for registering the names promptly, Mike Hentley for the prompt report, & Janice Hentley for the photo. taken during Ryan's first hours, so that we publish within two hours of Ryan's arrival.

New Year Birth: Tristan born baby to proud expatriate parents

We are delighted to announce the birth of Caitlin Mac Kenzie, a daughter for Claire and the Tristan Fishing Factory Manager Erik Mac Kenzie. Caitlin was born on Wednesday 10th January 2007 in Camogli Hospital and both mother and baby are well. Andrea and Sarah look forward to meeting their sister before too long.

The Tristan community is always delighted that occasionally babies of temporary residents, especially those undertaking long-term contracts, are born on the island, and Caitlin will always be regarded by them as a special 'Tristan' baby.

Advent Birth

We are delighted to announce the birth of Shannon Kelly Swain to Tracy and Larry Swain. Shannon was born during the evening of Friday 8th December 2006 in Camogli Hospital weighing approx 7lbs. She is a sister to Kelly who was born in 1999.

Thanks to Robin Repetto for the prompt news and photograph taken soon after birth and sent the same evening.

Obituary for Olive Repetto

We regret to announce the death of Olive Rose Repetto (nee Lavarello) on 2nd September 2006, aged 82.  Olive was born on 16th April 1924 and was the daughter of Robert and Mabel Lavarello. She married Michael Repetto, son of Arthur and Edith Repetto who lived in the UK after the volcano.  They had five children.  Olive is survived by daughters Jill Repetto( now living in the UK) and Vera Glass on Tristan and by 5 grandchildren (3 in the UK and 2 on Tristan).

Obituary for Catherine Glass

We regret to announce the death of Catherine Glass (nee Green) who died on 25th August 2006 at the age of 86.  She was born on 14 April 1920 and was the daughter of Johnny and Sophia Green. She married Godfrey Glass and is survived by son Lewis on Tristan and daughters Joanna and Evelyn in the UK, four grandchildren (Trevor and Simon Glass on Tristan and Katie & Andrew Cunningham in the UK) and four great-grandchildren (Nicole, Chloe and Jamie on Tristan and Alex Cunningham in the UK).

July Birth

We are delighted to announce the birth of Kieran James Peter Glass on 2nd July 2006 to Sarah Glass. Mother and baby are doing well and Kieran in pictured left in Camogli Hospital.

Obituary for Asturias Annie Rogers

We regret to announce the death of Asturias Rogers on 29th June 2006 in her home town of Leicester, England aged 79. Known as Ann in England, and as Tordy on Tristan, she was born on 13th February, 1927 to Agnes and William Rogers. Agnes, who began the Roman Catholic faith on Tristan, had previously been married to Joe Glass who had died, leaving her with three small children - Joe, Thomas and May. Tordy left Tristan in the late 1940's when she married a soldier who had been stationed with the top-secret wartime HMS Atlantic Isle Radio Station and moved to England . She has lived in Leicester for over 30 years where she is survived by daughters Alison and Jackie, and five grandchildren. Her Tristan da Cunha resident brother ‘Uncle Ken’ Rogers is her only surviving sibling there.

Obituary for Vivien Jane Baker (nee Repetto)

We regret to announce the death of Vivien Baker on 20th June 2006 in Hampshire, England aged 64. Vivien was born on Tristan da Cunha on 7th June 1942, the youngest daughter of Arthur and Edith Repetto (nee Swain). She settled in England where she married Nigel Baker following her forced evacuation after the 1961 volcanic eruption. Vivien is survived in England by her three children, Eddie, Marie and Tina, seven grandchildren, her sisters Dora, Millie and Violet in England and on Tristan by her brother Ernest Repetto.

Obituary for Peter Swain

We regret to announce the sudden death of Peter Fredrick Swain on 20th May 2006. Peter was born on 10th November 1942, the eldest son of Willie and Cissie Swain. He married Nora Rogers and they had five children. - Christopher, Cliff, and Tracey are married and Alison & Maria, who still live at home. He also has five grandchildren. At the time of his death he worked for the Transport Department on Tristan. He was also a fisherman, usually partnered by his son Christopher.

March Birth

Simon & Natasha Glass are pictured with their son Jamie Lewis Kenneth born on Thursday 9th March 2006 in Camogli Hospital. Jamie's is named after paternal and maternal grand-fathers and is a brother for Chloe who is now two years old

February Wedding

Barry Carter & Hazel Swain returned from their UK home to Tristan to get married in St Mary's Church on Saturday 25th February 2006.

The photograph, taken in The Residency garden shows: Back row from left Christine Swain (bride's sister), Neil Swain (best man), bridesmaids Glynis Swain (bride's sister) & Glenda Swain (Neil's daughter) Groom, Bride, Margaret Swain (bride's mother), Herbert Glass (who gave bride away);
Front row from right: bridesmaids Kimberley Green, Leanne Swain, Kelly Swain, (plus Kimberley's wee sister Janice - who wanted to be in the photo too!).

Swain Family Celebration

The Tristan Community were invited to the calling of the Banns for the marriage of Barry Carter and Hazel Swain on Sunday 12 February 2006 at St Mary's Church, and afterwards to drinks at Prince Philip Hall.  The photograph left shows the happy couple inside the hall, together with 3 generations of Swain girls, Glynis, Christine, mum Margaret, Hazel, grandmother Maud & Barry.

Obituary for Granny Gertie

We regret to announce the death of Annie Gertrude Ellen Lavarello (nee Green) on 19th January 2006. Known almost universally as 'Granny Gertie', she was born on 14th September 1906 and was Tristan's oldest resident at 99 years. Granny Gertie was the daughter of Bill and Louisa Green (nee Rogers). She married Percy Lavarello, a son of the shipwrecked sailor Gaetano Lavarello, and they had four children, three of whom survive and live on Tristan, together with many grandchildren, great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild, in addition to grandchildren and great grandchildren overseas in South Africa and in Europe.

Obituary for Herbert Green

We regret to announce the sudden death of George Herbert Green, known locally as 'Shot,' on 10th January 2006 aged 82. Herbert died aboard the MV Edinburgh shortly before docking in Cape Town where he was going for medical treatment, accompanied by Nurse Beverley Cooper. Herbert was one of the sons of Johnny and Sophie Green (nee Rogers). He married Irene Lavarello and leaves daughters Rosemary and Jean, grand-daughters Melanie and Shirley in the UK and great grandchildren Dave and Kaleigh. Herbert was cremated on 20th January in Cape Town in a service attended by several islanders, with a simultaneous service being held in St Mary's Church on Tristan da Cunha.

Obituary for May Repetto

We regret to announce the death of May Ellen Repetto (nee Glass) on 25th November 2005, aged 91. May was the daughter of Joseph Fuller and Agnes Glass (nee Smith), and married Joseph Repetto, son of Andrea and Frances Green. Together they had 10 children and May is survived by three sons and five daughters as well as numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren both on Tristan and in the UK. Two of May's sons died at sea: Matthew, who was lost at sea whilst fishing in 1968; and Bernard, who died in a tragic fishing accident in the 1970's. Two of May's children who are living overseas, Joy Stoffberg and Gerald, returned in November and were able to see their mother before she passed away.

Obituary for Louis Swain

We regret to announce the death of Louis Swain on 16 th November 2005, aged 79, after a long illness. ‘Uncle’ Louis was the son of Fred and Mary Swain and is survived by his widow Isabel (nee Lavarello), his children Stanley, Douglas, Marlene, Shirley, Julian and Mark, thirteen grand-children & four great-grandchildren. Our sympathy is extended to family and friends.

The family have written:

Your memories live on within our hearts,
Although we cannot see you we are never far apart.

November Wedding

Adrian and Samantha Swain were married in St Mary’s Church on 12th November 2005. The photograph taken on the Residency lawn shows, on the back row : Anita Repetto, Poppy Lavarello, Adrian & Samantha Swain, Amanda Swain, Best Man John Lavarello, Emma Rogers, Paula & Nathan Swain and in the front : Leo Glass, Leanne Swain, Lynette Green, Rhyanna Swain & Natalie Swain.

Birth in the UK

Paul and Geraldine Repetto are delighted to announce the birth of their daughter Chantelle Mary Ann on 5th November 2005. Mum and the 6lbs 5oz baby are both very well.

Birth in Hampshire

Dawn and Stuart Smith are pleased to announce the birth of Oliver Tristan Smith born on the 24th October 2005 at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester, weighing 4lb 7oz. Oliver is the grandson of Joan (nee Rogers) and David King and the great grandson of Lilian Rogers.

Obituary for Marjorie Rogers

We regret to announce the death of Marjorie Rogers (nee Green) on 13th October 2005, aged 85. Marjorie was the daughter of Alfred and Lily Green, married Rudolph Rogers and is survived by five children and seven grand-children. Our sympathy is extended to family and friends.

Tristan da Cunha Wedding of Mariah Green and Marko Leitner

The German geophysics student Marko Leitner met Mariah Green when he came to Tristan on the September 2004 Agulhas voyage to do fieldwork for his Diploma Thesis. Mariah went to Cape Town for a Christmas holiday, and was met by Marko who invited her to Germany. They were married in a registry office ceremony on the 14th April 2005, returning on the 2005 Agulhas with Marko's parents for a Tristan da Cunha wedding on 22nd September in St. Mary's Church, conducted by Father Leon in beautiful South Atlantic weather.

Marko and Mariah want to thank everyone who made their stay on the island so special. especially Mariah's brother Andrew, Duncan & Ian who kindly took them to Nightingale Island, and Trevor who kindly took them around the island and landed them at The Caves. They miss their Tristan friends and relations and hope to see them all again soon.

Marko Leitner's parents, Klaus and Rosie would also like to thank everyone on the island who made their stay such a wonderful occasion. They both celebrated birthdays on the island and received many lovely gifts in the Tristan tradition. They take back from Tristan many happy memories of the beautiful island and all the friendly people living there.

September Tristan Wedding

Photographed above are left to right:
Andrew Green, Klaus Leitner,
Dilys Green, Marko Leitner, Mariah Leitner, Ian Lavarello and Rosie Leitner

First all-Tristan da Cunha Wedding in the UK for over 40 years

Photographed left by Brian Rogers are Geraldine Rogers and Paul Repetto
at their wedding on the Isle of Portland.

Paul Repetto and Geraldine Rogers were married in All Saints Church, Easton on the Isle of Portland on 23rd July 2005. Paul ’s brother Andre was Best Man and the bridesmaids were Jessica Rogers , Kirsty Green , Cora Monahan , Anne-Marie Collins and Megan Elsmore. Tristan relations attending the wedding included Paul ’s father Lars Repetto and Geraldine’s parents Alfred and Rhoda Rogers. A reception and evening party were held at the Prince Regent Hotel on Weymouth seafront which was attended by guests including over 50 islanders.

June Birth

Callum Charles Green was born on 21st June 2005 to proud parents Wendy and Raymond Green. Callum is a brother to Linda and Julie.

February Wedding

Simon Glass and Natasha Green were married in St Mary's Church on 17th February 2005. They are photographed left with Maid of Honour Vanessa Lavarello and Bridesmaids Kirsty, Sasha and Rachel Green, Nicole Glass, Natalie Swain and Jade Repetto. Simon's brother Trevor was Best Man.