Tristan da Cunha celebrates recent births and christenings.

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Family News

Birth of Liam Herbert Glass

Photo from Rachel Green

We are pleased to announce the birth of Liam Herbert Glass on Monday the 6th June 2022 to proud parents Rachel Green and Leo Glass.

Liam who weighed 3.16kg (6lb 15oz) at birth was born at Camogli Healthcare Centre on Tristan, both mother and baby are doing well.

Wonderful new addition to the family and the community as a whole.

Beautiful photo of baby Liam taken by his mum Rachel

Birth of Riley Glass

Photos from Sharon Glass and Leon Glass

We are pleased to announce the birth of Riley Ellen Glass on Wednesday the 10th November 2021 to proud parents Stacey-Lee White and Leon Glass.

Riley weighed 2.4kg (5lb 5oz) at birth and is a little sister to Rosslin who is delighted to have a new addition to the family.

Leon returned to Tristan in June 2021 with partner Stacey-Lee White and her daughter Rosslin Behrens. Leon will regain residency status after completing two full years on the island. However, Riley having being born on Tristan gains full residency status from birth.

Wonderful news for the family and community as a whole.

Photos sent by Leon.


Riley with sister Rosslin.


Riley wearing some handknitted Tristan items.

Christenings of Seren Green and Jake Swain

Photos from Kelly Green & Sasha Swain

Seren Sean Jack Green was baptised on the 12th December 2021. The service started at 8.00am at St Mary’s church.

Jake Peter Swain was baptised on the same day but at St Joseph’s church. The service started at 9.30am

After the services Seren and Jake had a joint reception at the Prince Philip Hall at midday, inviting the whole island for refreshment and scrummy Tristan savouries.

Both families would like to thank everyone who came and brought gifts on theirs sons' very special day.

Jake and Seren's christening cake 

Seren being baptised by Reverend Margret van den Berg Seren with his parents Shane and Kelly Green and sister Savanna Green
Mum Sasha and Dad Steve Swain
with son Jake and daughter Sophie Swain
Back (L-R): Shane and Kelly Green with son Seren,
Sasha and Steve Swain with son Jake Swain
Front: Daughters Savanna Green and Sophie Swain

Seren with his parents and godparents: (L-R) - Danny Swain, Lynette Green, Clifton Repetto Kieran Glass, Andrew Green, Cedric Swain, Mum Kelly Green & Dad Shane Green, Natalie Swain, Leo Glass, Rachel Green,

Sammy Swain & Caryn Green

Absent godparents: Chiara Schreier, Parice Vandenbussche & Christiaan Gerber.

Jake with his parents and godparents: Back (L-R) Nathan Swain, Leo Glass, Clifton Swain, Ivan Green, Julian Repetto, Chloe Glass, Caryn Green and Rhyanna Swain

Front (L-R) Kieran Glass, Danny Swain, Eugene Repetto, Steve and Sasha Swain with their son Jake Swain, Natalie and Maria Swain

Christening of Summer Swain

Christening of Tristan da Cunha baby Summer Swain to Wayne Swain and Conchita Repetto on 5th December 2021.
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Birth of Jake Peter Swain

Birth of Tristan da Cunha baby Jake Peter Swain to Sasha and Steve Swain on 4th July 2021.
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Birth of Summer Swain

Birth of Tristan da Cunha baby Summer Swain to Wayne Swain and Conchita Repetto on 18th May 2021.
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Birth of Seren Green

Birth of Tristan da Cunha baby Seren Green to Shane and Kelly Green on 6th June 2021.
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Chief Islander's Tribute to HRH Prince Philip

The Chief Islander of Tristan da Cunha, Councillor James Glass, pays tribute to the late Duke of Edinburgh.
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Christening of Alfie Rogers

Christening of Tristan da Cunha baby Alfie Rogers on Sunday 6th December 2020.
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