Birth of Tristan da Cunha baby Riley Glass to Leon Glass and Stacey-Lee White on 10th November 2021.

Birth of Riley Glass

Photos from Sharon Glass and Leon Glass

We are pleased to announce the birth of Riley Ellen Glass on Wednesday the 10th November 2021 to proud parents Stacey-Lee White and Leon Glass.

Riley weighed 2.4kg (5lb 5oz) at birth and is a little sister to Rosslin who is delighted to have a new addition to the family.

Leon returned to Tristan in June 2021 with partner Stacey-Lee White and her daughter Rosslin Behrens. Leon will regain residency status after completing two full years on the island. However, Riley having being born on Tristan gains full residency status from birth.

Wonderful news for the family and community as a whole.

Photos sent by Leon.


Riley with sister Rosslin.


Riley wearing some handknitted Tristan items.