Birthdays are big family events on Tristan da Cunha, and here we present photographic reports of recent celebrations.

Family News

Noah Swain's 1st Birthday

Photos from Kelly Green

A celebration was held for Noah Swain's 1st birthday which was on the 13th December 2020.  

Noah thoroughly enjoyed the day having celebrated the occassion with family and friends at the Prince Philip Hall.

Right: Noah looking extremely excited on his special day.
Note some of the selection of cakes in the background. This shows a small proportion of the huge array of cakes which family and friends would have been busy preparing ready for the big day.
Below: Noah with his parents, Natalie Swain and Jason Green

Randal Repetto's 18th Birthday

Photos from Rhyanna Swain

Randal Repetto celebrated his 18th birthday on the 6th November 2020 at the Prince Philip Hall.  Randal's actual birthday was on the 21st August, however he was stranded in Cape Town at this time, accompanying his grandmother Joan Repetto.

Randal marked his special day with family and friends. A wonderful spread of cakes and refreshments were enjoyed by all.

Randal with his beautifully decorated birthday cake
Randal with his brother Dean and parents Miranda and Darren Repetto Randal with his grandmothers (L-R); Joyce Hagan and Joan Repetto
Randal with his brother Dean Repetto and Anita Repetto Randal with his godparents (L-R); Colin Hagan, Lorraine Repetto and Emma Swain.
Absent: Anne-Marie Collins and Riaan Willemse

Gladys Lavarello's 90th Birthday

Photos from Rachel Green

Gladys Lavarello celebrated her 90th Birthday on Saturday 20th June 2020. Gladys enjoyed her special day surrounded by family and friends

Gladys holding her cake Gladys with her daughters (L-R): Rhoda Rogers, Gladys Lavarello, Judy Green (Hilary Rogers is absent)
Gladys with her Grandchildren - Back (L-R): Natasha Glass, Emma Rogers, Kirsty Repetto, Martin Green
Front (L-R): Geraldine Repetto, Gladys Lavarello and Vanessa Lavarello ( Gerald Rogers is absent )

Gladys with her Great Grandchildren - Back (L-R): Katie Repetto, Sophie Swain, Aiden Repetto, Rachel Green, Sasha swain, Jamie Glass, Ryan Swain, Chantelle Repetto.
Front (L-R): Ella Repetto, Owen Glass, Gladys Lavarello, Tyler swain (Chloe Glass, Genna Rogers, Ryan Rogers are absent).

Rodney Green's 30th Birthday Party

Photographs of Rodney Green's 30th Birthday celebrations.
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Kelly Green and Kirsty Repetto's 30th Birthdays

Photographs of Kelly Green's and Kirsty Repetto's 30th Birthday celebrations
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Christopher Swain and Rhyanna Swain's Birthday Celebrations

Photographs of Christopher's 50th and Rhyanna's 18th Birthday celebrations.
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Nora Swain's 70th Birthday

Pictures of Nora Swain's 70th Birthday
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Herbert Glass's 80th Birthday

Pictures of Herbert Glass's 80th Birthday party
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Barney Swain's 70th Birthday

Photographs of Barney Swain's 70th birthday celebrations.
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