Birthdays are big family events on Tristan da Cunha, and here we present photographic reports of recent celebrations.

Cedric Swain's 30th Birthday

Photos from Beverley Swain

Cedric celebrated his 30th birthday on Saturday 14th October. Cedric's actual birthday was on the 29th September. Family and friends contributed to the food buffet and a lovely spread was arranged by the ladies for the guests to enjoy. There was a disco in the evening at the main dancehall, everyone had an enjoyable time celebrating late into the evening. The Prince Philip Hall was beautifully decorated for the occasion.

Above: Cedric with his sister Rhyanna Swain and parents Christopher & Beverley Swain
Right: Cedric with his birthday cake depicting a fishing boat whcih is used for Lobster fishing, Cedric is a keen fisherman alongside his daily job.
Cedric with his Godchildren: L-R: Shannon Swain, Connor Green, Kailey Swain and Sophie Swain Cedric with his Godparents: L- R: Felicity Glass, Larry Swain, Alison Swain and Sandra Rogers

Kaitlyn Hagan's 21st Birthday

Photos from Julia Hagan

Kaitlyn Hagan celebrated her 21st Birthday on the 29th January 2023. 21st Birthdays are very special on Tristan and preparations took place a week in advance of the big day. Kaitlyn had a busy day with family and friends arriving early morning with cards, gifts and homemade goods, celebrations continued into the evening when the main event was held. A wonderful time was had by all.

Above: Kaitlyn with her parents, Julia and Karl Hagan. The cake was handmade and beautifully decorated
Kaitlyn with her grandparents Peggy and Brian Rogers Kaitlyn with her grandmother Evelyn Hagan

Evelyn Hagan's 80th Birthday

Photos from Julia Hagan

Evelyn Hagan celebrated her 80th Birthday at her home on the 30th July 2023.  Evelyn had a wonderful day with family and friends arriving throughout the day to celebrate Evelyn's special day.

Above: Evelyn with her grand-daughter Kaitlyn and sons Colin and Karl Hagan.
The cake is handmade and decorated with a beautiful flower arrangement.

Below: Evelyn with her godchildren (L-R): Lorraine Repetto, Lillie Swain, Kevin Glass and Carol Swain

Brian Rogers' 80th Birthday

Photographs of Brian Rogers' 80th birthday celebrations.
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Amanda Swain's 50th Birthday

Photographs of Amanda Swain's 50th Birthday celebrations.
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Ches Lavarello's 80th Birthday

Photographs of Ches Lavarello's 80th Birthday celebrations.
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Judy Green's 70th Birthday

Photographs of Judy Green's 70th Birthday celebrations.
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Dr Alex Wonner's 60th Birthday

Photographs of Dr Alex Wonner's 60th Birthday celebrations.
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Summer Swain's 1st Birthday

Photographs of Summer Swain's 1st birthday celebrations.
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