Birthdays are big family events on Tristan da Cunha, and here we present photographic reports of recent celebrations.

VE Day 75

Tristan VE Day and 75th Anniversary Commemorations
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Rodney Green's 30th Birthday Party

Report and photos from Peter Millington

Rodney Green celebrated his 30th birthday party in the Prince Philip Hall on Sunday 8th December 2019. Rodney's actual birthday was in May, but he was working in the UK at the time, and soon after his return to Tristan went to sea in his Fisheries Officer role.

As the picture of the cakes show, there was also a celebration of the 8th birthday of Rodney's son Connor Glass-Green, whose actual birthday was in September

Rodney with his wife Sarah, and sons Kieran and Connor (front)

Above: Rodney and Connor's fantastic birthday cakes


Right: Guests helping themselves to a wonderful spread of Tristan nibbles and cakes

Kelly Green and Kirsty Repetto's 30th Birthdays

Photos by Peter Millington and Sally Wonner

Kelly Green and Kirsty Repetto held a joint 30th birthday celebration on Saturday 30th November 2019 at the Prince Philip Hall. Kelly's actual birthday was on the 19th November, and Kirsty's on the 21st November. The dancing included the famous Pillow Dance and the Donkey Dance, with the music played on the accordion by visitor Peter Millington.

The Pillow Dance
Kelly and Kirsty Herbert Glass trying to teach Kelly the Donkey Dance with encouragement from onlookers, and music by Peter Millington
Kirsty with her parents Ken and Judy Green Kelly with her parents Sean and Marina Burns and daughter Savanna
Kelly with her husband Shane and daughter Savanna Kelly with her parents-in-law Jack and Cynthia Green
Kelly and Kirsty with Kirsty's grandmother Gladys Lavarello Kirsty with her godparents (L-R): Carlene Glass-Green, Allan Swain, Lillie Swain, Kirsty, Martha Glass, Dereck Rogers, Jackie Lavarello and Gavin Green
Kelly with godchildren and their friends: Front row: Ella Repetto, Tyler Swain, Holly Rogers and Sophie Swain; Back row: Aiden Repetto, Lucas Swain, and Kelly Kelly with Clive Glass
Kirsty Repetto with her godchildren and their friends
Kirsty Repetto with her godchildren and their friends
L-R: Front: Lucas Swain and Savanna Green. Back: Chantelle Repetto, Ryan Swain, Sophie Swain, Jamie Glass, and Kirsty

Christopher Swain and Rhyanna Swain's Birthday Celebrations

Photographs of Christopher's 50th and Rhyanna's 18th Birthday celebrations.
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Nora Swain's 70th Birthday

Pictures of Nora Swain's 70th Birthday
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Herbert Glass's 80th Birthday

Pictures of Herbert Glass's 80th Birthday party
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Barney Swain's 70th Birthday

Photographs of Barney Swain's 70th birthday celebrations.
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Janine Lavarello, Kimberley Green and Janice Green's Birthdays

Photographs of Janine Lavarello's and Kimberley Green's 21st and Janice Green's 18th joint birthday party.
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Joyce Hagan's 80th and Debbie Swain's 40th joint birthday party

Photographs of mother and daughter Joyce Hagan's 80th & Debbie Swain's 40th birthday celebrations.
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