Birthdays are big family events on Tristan da Cunha, and here we present photographic reports of recent celebrations.

Dr Alex Wonner's 60th Birthday

Report and photos from Randall Repetto

Doctor Alex Wonner's 60th birthday was on the 14th July 2022 however he celebrated his birthday on Friday the 15th.

The party took place at 6.30pm at the Prince Philip Hall which was decorated to mark the special occassion.

There was a beautiful selection of homemade treats and a full table of buffet food was provided for the guests, refreshments were served at the Albatross Bar.

Photo of Dr Alex and his wife Sally Wonner

Above: At an earlier celebration while on leave at Mossel Bay.

Left: In the Albatross Bar, Tristan

Photos shows the community enjoying refreshments and having a chat well into the evening celebrations

Summer Swain's 1st Birthday

Photos from mum Conchita Repetto

Summer celebrated her 1st birthday on Wednesday the 18th May at 17:00 at the Prince Philip Hall. She had a lovely party with her family and friends who brought her lots of gifts. There were refreshments and a large buffet of homemade goodies that were enjoyed by all.

Summer Swain and her family

Summer Swain and family (L-R): Uncle Ramon Repetto and Grandparents Neil Swain,
Summer with parents Wayne & Conchita, Jill Repetto & Noelene Swain.

Summer Swain and her parents Talk: Janine
Parents Wayne Swain & Conchita Repetto. Summer's birthday cake.

Slides: Tristanians take Action

Godparents L-R: Ramon Repetto, Jamie Glass, Graham Rogers, Matthew Green, Leo Glass, Jonathan Repetto,
Damian Swain, Julian Repetto, Simon Glass, Larry Swain, Wayne, Summer and Conchita, Shirley Squibb,
Stephanie Glass, Glenda Rogers, Michelle Green, Shannon & Leanne Swain.
Absent: Kelly Swain, Riaan, Eugene, Dean & Jose Repetto, Kimberley Green and Trevor Glass

Seren Green's 1st Birthday

Photos from Kelly Green

Seren Green's 1st birthday was on the 6th June 2022.

Celebrations were held together with Serens's sister Savanna's birthday on Friday 27th May 2022 at the Prince Philip Hall.

The party took place from 17:30 to 20:00 local time. Family and friends arrived with gifts much to the delight of the children and were treated to refreshments and a beautiful buffet selection throughout the evening.

Right: Seren and Savanna with grandparents Jack and Cynthia Green
Seren with his parents Shane and Kelly Green and sister Savanna The wonderful birthday cakes made by Sasha Green
Seren with his godparents: L to R: Danny Swain, Clifton Repetto, Kieran Glass, Andrew Green, Cedric Swain, Leo Glass, Lynette Green, Caryn Green, Natalie Swain holding Seren, Samantha Swain and Rachel Green

Leon Glass's 40th Birthday

Photographs of Leon Glass's 40th Birthday celebrations.
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Sheila Glass's 65th Birthday

Photographs of Sheila Glass's 65th Birthday celebrations.
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Jack Green's 70th Birthday

Photographs of Jack Green's 70th Birthday celebrations.
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Nancy Swain's 80th Birthday

Photographs of Nancy Swain's 80th Birthday celebrations.
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Dilys Green's 60th Birthday

Photographs of Dily Green's 60th Birthday celebrations.
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Leon Bredell's 60th Birthday

Photographs of Leon Bredell's 60th Birthday celebrations.
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