Birthdays are big family events on Tristan da Cunha, and here we present photographic reports of recent celebrations.

Family News

Dilys Green's 60th Birthday

Photos from Kelly Green

Dilys Green celebrated her 60th birthday on Tuesday 23rd February 2021.  

The event was held at the Prince Philip Hall, and it was lovely evening with great food and drinks.

There was a lovely voice recording sent from Dilys's daughter Mariah Leitner and family who live in Germany. The recording was played to Dilys as a surprise on her special day. It was a very emotional and touching moment.

A wonderful enjoyable evening.

Right: Dilys's Cake made by Sasha Swain

Dilys with her partner Ian Lavarello,
son Andrew Green and his wife Tanya Green

Dilys with her sisters
Mary Glass and Jeanette Lavarello

Dilys with her godchildren (L-R): Nicholas Swain, Steve Swain, Shane Green, Janine Lavarello, and Leanne Swain

Absent; Kora Monaghan, Anne-Marie Collins, Karen Lavarello, and Alexandra Uytenbogaardt

Dilys with her godmother Trina Repetto Dilys with her godfather Lars Repetto

Dilys with some of her students

Leon Bredell's 60th Birthday

Photos from Neil Swain

Leon Bredell celebrated his 60th birthday on Thursday the 11th February 2021.  Leon being originally from South Africa and now settled on Tristan, took advantage of the warm summer evening and celebrated with a braai (barbecue) together with family and friends. Cakes, savouries and refreshments were also provided for the evening event.

Leon with his birthday cake Leon with his partner Glynis Swain
A selection of food  Leon tending to the Braai
A birthday is never without the famous Tristan Lobster, served with a mayonnaise dip Leon and some of the island men enjoying the outdoors

Cliff Swain's 50th Birthday

Photos from Lillie Swain

Cliff Swain's birthday was on Wednesday the 10th February 2021 on what was a beautiful sunny day. The men were awoken in the early hours of the morning by the sound of the gong alerting them the weather was suitable for a fishing day. Due to this, celebrations for Cliff's birthday were held a couple of days later on Friday the 12th.

Cliff's beautiful birthday cake made by his daughter-in-law Sasha Swain Cliff with his wife Lillie Swain and granchildren Makayla Swain and Sophie Swain
Cliff with his mother Nora Swain

Cliff and his godchildren; (L-R) - Janine Lavarello, Kelly Swain, Cedric Swain and Kailey Swain

Absent; Owen Glass and Deanna Rogers

Cliff and his godparents; Brian Rogers, Elizabeth Rogers and Marlene Swain.

Absent; Janette Lavarello and Peter Repetto

Ricky Swain's 50th Birthday

Photographs of Ricky Swain's 50th Birthday celebrations.
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Makayla Swain's 1st Birthday

Photographs of Makayla Swain's 1st Birthday celebrations.
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Noah Swain's 1st Birthday

Photographs of Noah's 1st Birthday celebrations.
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Randal Repetto's 18th Birthday

Photographs of Randal Repetto's 18th Birthday celebrations.
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Gladys Lavarello's 90th Birthday

Photographs of Gladys Lavarello's's 90th Birthday celebrations.
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Rodney Green's 30th Birthday Party

Photographs of Rodney Green's 30th Birthday celebrations.
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