Photographs of Jack Green's 70th Birthday celebrations.

Jack Green's 70th Birthday

Photos from Kelly Green

Jack Green celebrated his 70th birthday on the 7th November 2021.  A reception was held on Sunday morning at the Prince Philip Hall. 

Jack's actual birthday was on the 21st July 2021, however he awaited the return of his family who was overseas at the time, and the arrival of the newest family member, grandson Seren Green .  

Jack had an enjoyable day surrounded by family and friends.

Right: Jack's cake depicting his motorcycle, given to him for his birthday, which he enjoys riding to the potato patches.
Jack with his wife Cynthia and grandchildren Savanna and Seren Green Jack and Cynthia
Jack’s son Shane Green, Jack, Cynthia, daughter-in-law Kelly Green and grandchildren Savana and Seren
Jack with his godchildren (L-R): Lynette Green, Clifton Repetto, Adrian Swain, Warren Glass, Shirley Squibb and Leon Glass.
Absent: Clive Glass, Fiona Rogers and Chiara Schreier.