Tristan da Cunha celebrates the lives of islanders who have passed away.

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Obituary for Donald Hagan

By Dean Repetto and Anita Repetto

Donald Hagan on the Base with an Island Cock
Donald on the Base with an Island Cock
Donald David Hagan passed away on 15th November 2020 aged 84 years.

Donald was born on the 29th September 1936, and was the child of David and Elizabeth Hagan.

He married Joyce Swain on the 18th February 1960, and when the volcano erupted in 1961 they left the community, headed to England and stayed in Calshot, where he worked in a timber yard.

Their first daughter, Marion Collins (née Hagan), was born in Calshot.

They returned home to Tristan da Cunha in 1963 on the Bornholm and had three more daughters, Rosemary, Miranda and Debbie.

Donald was a caring and loving man who always put his family first, always smiling and cheerful - never a dull moment. When you asked him a question he always responded "ya!" (yes) to end the sentence.

He was a hard worker. He loved working in the potato crops and enjoyed his trips to Nightingale Island. He was a coxswain of one of the long boats, Stirling Castle. He also loved to go on the mountain for his sheep, setting off early in the morning and coming later that evening.

Fishing was a big part of his life. He was a keen fisherman, starting at the age of 15 with partner Benny Green. They first fished for lobster for Tristan Investment's at 'Big Beach' in dinghies. He later fished with his brother Piers Hagan. After Piers retired, he then went on to fish with Andrew Green. He continued to fish until he was 70 years of age and actually fished on his 70th birthday returning proudly to the harbour with the highest catch!

He will be sadly missed by all lucky enough to have known him, especially his wife Joyce, daughters Marion, Rosemary, Miranda, Debbie and son-in-law Darren, grandchildren Dean, Randall, Anne-Marie and Cameron.

Obituary for Stella Rogers

By Carlene Glass-Green

We regret to announce the death of Stella Rogers, who passed away peacefully on the 13th March 2020 aged 77 years.

Stella Rebecca Rogers was born on 15th November 1942. Her parents were Patrick (Paddy) and Laurie (nee Lavarello) Rogers. She was the middle child of three, with an elder sister Audrey and younger brother Edward. Stella married Joseph Glass in Fawley, England in 1962 and gave birth to Carlene in 1967. Joseph tragically drowned near the Hillpiece in August 1969. Stella remarried in 1974, to Ronald Rogers.

Life had not always been easy for Stella as she brought up her young daughter on her own until she married Ronald, but she managed well and was always cheerful and willing to hep others. She loved island life, especially the carding, spinning and would always be seen knitting woollens. She loved working in the Patches and continued to do so until just before she died.

The late Stella Rogers

Stella made many trips to Nightingale Island, the Caves and Stoney Beach with Ronnie. Their last trip together to the Caves was when she was 66 years old and she was fit enough to walk back over the mountain. She spent a lot of time alongside her sister Audrey caring for her parents during her mother's illness and when her father became blind and housebound. Always without complaint.

Stella worked as a cleaner at the Post Office and Radio Station until her retirement at 65 but continued part-time work processing at the factory until recently. She always worked cheerfully, constantly laughing, smiling and ready with a joke.

Stella loved children and often cared for them while parents worked. A special bond was made with Callum Green who she looked after from when he was a baby. Callum has a regard for Stella and Ronnie as if they were grandparents and in turn, he a grandchild.

She will be sadly missed by all who knew her, especially her husband Ronald, daughter Carlene Glass-Green, son-in-law Grant Green, grandson Justin Green, brother Eddie, sister Audrie and 'grandson' Callum.

Death Announcement for Gilbert Lavarello

We regret to announce the death of Gilbert Lavarello, who passed away on the 3rd June 2020 aged 89 years.

Gilbert Lavarello was born on 28th July 1930 and is survived by his wife Agnes, sons Nigel and Ian Lavarello and granddaughter Michelle Green.

Our sincere condolences go to Agnes, Ian, Nigel, Michelle and families.

We expect to post a full obituary in due course.

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