Obituary for Tristan da Cunha islander Irene Green, who passed away 17th June 2021, aged 95.

Obituary for Irene Green

By Jean Swain

Irene Mary Elizabeth Green known as Rene, passed away peacefully in the early hours of 17th June 2021 at the age of 95. Rene was born to parents William & Violet Lavarello, the eldest of four children, Martha, Gabriel & Trina. She was the grandaughter of first settlers Elizabeth Smith & Gaetano Lavarello. Rene was married to Herbert on 13th February 1945 and they had two daughters and a total of nine grandchildren and great grandchildren, six who are living in England.

As well as visiting England at the time of the evacuation in 1961, Rene returned there in 1965 where she & her family stayed for approximately two years before returning home. During this time she lived in a small village called Hordle near Lymington and was employed as a factory worker producing electrical components. After her return to Tristan she worked at the processing factory until her retirement.

Rene loved gardening and working at the Potato Patches and before she was confined to her home she would often stop for a chat to those passing by. She also spent much of her spare time spinning, firstly on the traditional spinning wheel and later on a small foot wheel where she produced island wool to knit socks.

For many years, until there was an established nursing staff on the island, Rene helped to lay-out those who had passed away as well as making the wreaths for the funerals.

Rene's family wish to thank all those who showed her so much kindness during her late years when she was house-bound & to those who took the time to visit her. Thanks also to the many people who sent messages of condolences.

Rene's family have many fond memories of her and she is greatly missed by them all, both here on the island and overseas.

The photos above shows Irene with her late husband Herbert just after she was married and the couple sitting outside their home in their garden which they loved.