Obituary for Tristan da Cunha islander Ellen Rogers, who passed away 9th May 2021, aged 102.

Obituary for Ellen Rogers

By Lorraine Repetto

Ellen Jane Rogers (nee Green) was born on 5th September 1918 to Alfred & Lily Green. She was one of 5 children.

She married Cyril Rogers on 8th June 1939. They had 9 children. She had 13 Grandchildren and many great grandchildren.

Ellen had to work hard all of her life. She always made sure her family was provided for. She loved the outdoor life. At one time she had to work in the patches to provide for her family during the period when her husband was away on medical treatment. This was no easy task as all of the work was manual and she did most of it on her own with the help of her children. She was a kind loving and considerate person, who cared not only for her children but also grandchildren, great grandchildren and children of others. She childminded many times for some of the ladies who worked in the factory.

She was a great story teller, and entertained her grandchildren with stories of her youth. It was particularly interesting to learn how they survived in the 1940’s and how she made do with whatever utensils she had to hand. She was not afraid to voice her opinion and has left many of these values behind. She taught her family to stand up for what they thought was right.

Ellen in her younger years.

On 5th September 2018 she celebrated her 100th Birthday. Although the party was delayed slightly until her children, and granddaughter who lived in UK arrived it was a beautiful occasion attended by the whole community.

She sadly passed away on 9th May 2021 at the age of 102, and is survived by her remaining children Catherine, Jenny, Frank, Jeffrey, Jessica & Brenda, her sons in law Brian & Dougie, daughter in law Margaret and grandchildren & great grandchildren.

Inspecting her potato patch With two of her children Henry & Betty Rogers who both passed away before her
Visiting the Tristan house museum Taken on her 100th Birthday with Grandchildren. (L-R): Great Grandson Leon Glass, Grandchildren Matthew Rogers, Lorraine Repetto, Sharon Glass &
Lorraine Groome.
Taken on her 100th birthday with children and spouses. (L-R): Margaret Rogers, Jeffrey Rogers, Johnny King, Jenny King, Catherine Glass, Frank Rogers, Douglas Swain and in front Jessica Rogers & Brenda Swain