Obituary for Tristan da Cunha islander Margaret Repetto, who passed away 9th March 2023 aged 86.

Obituary for Margaret Repetto

Margaret Rose Repetto passed away on the 9th March 2023 aged 86 years. Margaret was born on the 30th June 1936, to parents Edward (Ned) and Dorothy Green and was the youngest of three children. Margaret married Lindsay Repetto on 31st March 1959.

Margaret worked as housekeeper for the Big Beach factory manager Mr Pederson and his wife from 1957, acting as a nanny for their son Grant who she became very fond of.

Margaret married Lindsay Repetto on the 31st March 1959. She was evacuated to England with her husband and their first child Andrea during the volcanic eruption in 1961. They stayed in Pendell Camp, Surrey before moving to Calshot where Margaret worked in a chicken factory in Lymington, along with other island ladies. She went on to work for Lord Montagu at Beaulieu where he ran a famous motor museum. She later worked in a blanket factory for three months before returning home to Tristan on the 10th November 1963 on board the Bornholm.

Margaret Repetto

Margaret and Lindsay’s second child Beverley was born in 1964 and their youngest child Elaine in 1968. Margaret had four grandchildren - Anita, Andrew, Rachel and Lewis - who she was very proud of. She loved her family and always put them first. She was the sort of mum everyone would have been proud to have and her family thank goodness that they were fortunate enough to have her as a mum and granny.

Margaret loved gardening and took pride in the beautiful flowers, including roses that he grew. She enjoyed carding and spinning with her friend Pat Repetto). She also loved cooking, baking and was well know for her doughnuts. She also loved listening to music and enjoyed dancing.

Margaret enjoyed working in her potato crops and was very hard working, always on the go, she loved going on camping trips with her husband and granddaughter Anita.