Photographs of Judy Green's 70th Birthday celebrations.

Judy Green's 70th Birthday

Photos from Rachel Green

Judy Green celebrated her 70th birthday on the 15th February 2023.

Traditionally, the community contribute on special occasions with homemade treats which are bought to the hosts home for the celebrations and Judy's birthday was no exception. Family and friends arrived throughout the day with an array of cakes and savouries ready for the evening party.

It is currently mid summer on Tristan and Judy was blessed with a bright sunny day. Family members started arriving early to help out and ensure everything was ready for the evening celebrations.

Judy with her husband Ken Green Judy with her children, L-R Martin Green, Natasha Glass, Judy Green, Kirsty Repetto and Vanessa Lavarello

Above Left: Judy with Grandchildren back (L-R) Jamie Glass, Rachel Green, Judy Green, Front L-R Aiden and Ella Repetto, Owen Glass. Absent: Sasha Swain, Chloe Glass

Above Right: Judy with Great Grandchild Liam Glass. Absent grandchildren: Sophie and Jake Swain