Christening of Tristan da Cunha baby Summer Swain to Wayne Swain and Conchita Repetto on 5th December 2021.

Christening of Summer Swain

Photos from Conchita Repetto and Shirley Squibb

Summer Swain was Christened on Sunday the 5th December 2021 at St Mary's Church followed by a reception which was held at the Prince Philip Hall.

Summer Swain's Christening cake

Summer's christening cake. 

Conchita Repetto with baby Summer Swain and Wayne Swain
Right: Summer with Mum Conchita Repetto and Dad Wayne Swain
Summer Swain with grandparents Neil and Noelene Swain Summer Swain with grandmother Gillian Repetto
Summer with Grandparents Neil and Noelene Swain Summer with Grandmother Gillian Repetto

Summer Swain with her parents and godparents

Godparents: L-R Back row: Damien Swain, Leo Glass, Jonathan, Julian & Riaan Repetto, Graham Rogers, Dean Repetto, Larry Swain, Ramon Repetto, Matthew Green, Jamie & Simon Glass & Eugene Repetto
Front Row: Stephanie Glass, Kelly & Leanne Swain, Glenda Rogers, Shirley Squibb, Michelle Green, Trevor Glass and Shannon Swain

Absent: Kimberley Green and Jose Repetto

Summer with Patricia Repetto Summer with Peter Repetto
Summer with Great Grandparents Patricia and Peter Repetto