News of islanders' births, marriages, deaths, and significant birthdays and wedding anniversaries, both on Tristan da Cunha and abroad, during 2008 and 2009.

December Wedding - Desmond Green and Donna Rogers

Married in St Joseph's Catholic Church on 10th December 2009

Pictures from Robin Repetto show:

Left: Donna and Desmond in Church

Right: Donna, her father Patrick and her bridesmaids.
Left to right on back row: Sasha Green, Kirsty Green, Donna, Patrick Rogers, Emma Rogers.
Front row: Leanne Swain, Linda Green, Jade, Repetto, Kaitlyn Hagen, and Julie Green

Pictures from Lorraine Repetto
taken in the Residency garden

Pictures from David Morley

Above: In the Residency Garden

Left and Right:
The cake, cards and buffet table
in the Prince Philip Hall

Obituary for Joshua Green

We regret to announce the death of bachelor William Joshua Green on 3rd December 2009, aged 82. Josh was born on 11th December 1926, son of William Peter (Bill) Green and Selena Anne (Lena) Green (nee Swain). His twin brother Charles Roland only survived a few days and his older brother William Phillip died in 1973. He is survived by his sister Lydia with whom he lived.

Joshua worked for many years in the Island Store, still called the 'canteen' from its origin as a shop for the wartime naval station. He will be missed by his family and many friends.

Spring Christenings

Deanna Emily Dorothy Rogers
was Christened on 27th September 2009

Photo. from Iris Green left
shows mother Sandra Rogers
holding Deanna and also
cutting the cake

Bob Carse's photo. right shows
Deanna and her beautiful outfit

Natasha Sophia Evelyn Williams
was Christened on 20th September 2009

Bob Carse's photos show:
Left: Natasha with parents
Sonia and Andy
Right (Left to Right):
Sonia with the 6 'muddish' (*):
Beverley Swain, Sharon Glass (holding Natasha), Carol Swain, Natasha Glass, Felicity Glass and Shirley Swain.

The other male godparents (or fardi) were Damian Swain, George Swain, Rodney Green and Patrick Green.

* On Tristan da Cunha godparents are known as muddish (female) or fardi (male)

Birthday Celebrations

Bob Carse's photos show:

Left: Douglas Green's 88th birthday with his wife Frances joining in with a toast on 25th September 2009

Right: Cedric Swain's 16th birthday, on 29th September was the same day as visiting Tristan Association stalwart Ken Gardner

September Wedding

Brad Robson and Anja Rosler were married in the Island Council Chamber on 25th September 2009.

Brad is a RSPB officer
who has been working on Tristan
since December 2008

Brad and Anja
with flower girls left to right:
Reika (their daughter) Chloe Glass,
Jade Repetto and Chantelle Repetto.
Photographs from
Robin Repetto
Brad and Anja
with Best Man Trevor Glass
daughter Reika
and Maid of Honour Pam Fogg.

Sasha Green's delayed 18th Birthday

Sasha Green
celebrated her 18th Birthday
a day late
(as the factory opening ceremony
was on her birthday)
on 18th July 2009

Kirsty, Sasha and Emma Photos from mother Iris Green Proud Grandparents with Sasha
Left: Joseph and Ann Green
Right: Judy and Ken Green

Birth of Natasha Williams

We are delighted to announce the birth of Natasha Sophia Evelyn Williams to Sonia Swain and Andy Williams on the 23rd May 2009 weighing in at 6lb 2oz.

Islander Sonia is the eldest daughter of Thomas and Pamela Swain (nee Green) and has been living in England for the last four years.

March Wedding in Southampton

Paula Swain, daughter of Islander Adam and Margaret Swain, entered into a Civil Partnership with Marie Vallis at Southampton Registry Office on Saturday 28th March 2009 . After drinks and a meal at a local hotel and restaurant with family and friends the couple travelled to the Dominican Republic for a honeymoon.

The wedding photograph shows left to right :
Paula's mum Margaret Swain, Paula's sister Tracy Swain, Paula, Marie, Paula's nephew Mark Adams, Paula's niece Deanna Tough and Mike Bolem.

Birth of Deanna Rogers

We are delighted to announce the birth of Deanna Emily Dorothy Rogers to Sandra Rogers at the Vincent Pallotti Hospital in Cape Town on 28th December 2008. Mother and baby are both well.

Obituary for Allan Green

We regret to announce the death of Allan Green on Tuesday 16th December 2008 in Cape Town's Vincent Pallotti Hospital aged 82 after a long illness.

Allan John Edward Green was born on the 21st April, 1926 son of Johnny Green and Sophia Rogers. He was a keen fisherman with partner Edwin 'Spike' Glass and loved going to Nightingale in his longboat Union Castle, later renamed 'Raffee' after a yacht that called at Tristan. He leaves his wife Ida, children Joseph and Margaret, three grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

The funeral service was held in Cape Town's Maitland Crematorium at 9.30 am local time on Saturday 20th December. It was conducted by Father Don Wittich, who has been to Tristan several times and is well known to islanders. Allan's son Joseph and his daughter-in-law Anne accompanied Allan for treatment in Cape Town and led the mourners which included other Islanders staying in Tristan House. There was a memorial service held at the same time in St Mary's Church, Tristan da Cunha. The family wish to thank everyone who has sent messages of condolence.

Obituary for Violet Swain

We regret to announce the death of Violet Swain (nee Glass) on Saturday 22nd November 2008, aged 85. Violet was born on 7th January 1923, the third of six children born to 'Big' Gordon and Susan (nee Repetto) Glass, and is the great-great Grand-daughter of Corporal William Glass.

After returning from the UK in 1963 (following the 1961 volcanic eruption), Violet's parents then returned to England, joining her sisters Lily, Ada and their families. Violet's family remained on Tristan, together with her brothers, Clement, Andrew and Eric. Violet married Christopher Swain and is survived by her children Evelyn Hagan, Rebecca Rogers, Caroline Rogers and Allan Swain on Tristan, and Sarah Ludwig and Wendy England who are living overseas.

November Wedding

Nicky Swain and Emma Rogers
were married
in St Joseph's Catholic Church
on the afternoon of
Friday 7th November 2008

Photos above from James Glass show:
Left : Emma signing the register supervised by James Glass
with Nicky, Best Man Adrian Swain and Maid of Honour Poppy Lavarello looking on.
Right: Nicky and Adrian with son Ryan and parents, left Dereck and Hilary Rogers, and right Barney Swain

The wedding service was conducted by Lay Minister James Glass.

Originally planned for the Agulhas visit (when Monsignor Michael McPartland would have taken the service), the ceremony was postponed to allow the return of Nicky's father and brother from Cape Town.

The Church service was followedby a reception for the entire community in the Prince Philip Hall, followed by a dance which extended well into Saturday morning.

Tristan weddings are important inclusive Community events when normal services (shops, factory, school etc) close to celebrate together.

Photo from Emma shows Left to Right:
Sasha & Kirsty Green, Adrian Swain (Best Man & Nicky's brother), Poppy Lavarello (Maid of Honour), Emma and Nicky, Anita Repetto and Caryn Green.
Front Row: Rachel, Lynette and Linda Green
Photo from Emma
shows Nicky and Emma
with their son Ryan who
is 21 months old
Photographs from Robin Repetto show :
Left : Newly married Emma and Nicky Swain outside St Joseph's Church
Right above : Emma and Nicky during the marriage service.

Obituary for Kenneth Rogers

We regret to announce the death of Ken Rogers on 24th October 2008 aged 86. Ken was born on 24th February 1922, the youngest son and last surviving child of William and Agnes Rogers. Agnes (nee Smith) arrived on Tristan in 1908 with Irish sister Elizabeth (and Annie who left soon afterwards) and founded a Roman Catholic community on Tristan from 1932. Ken was the last of that generation of Catholics who carried her faith and realised her dream to have a Catholic Church built on the island. Ken married Emily Hagan and he is survived by their only child Laurian, who continues to operate Tristan's local radio station.

Ken was a man of many skills. He started work as a baker (also doing dry cleaning) for the Royal Navy during their 1940's Tristan sojourn. During the volcanic evacuation of 1961-3 he worked in a Hampshire power station, returning for a second UK visit when he worked in a Fawley butchers shop, before returning to Tristan for good in 1970. As a result is this experience he was much sought after for his excellent butchering skills by fellow islanders, expatriates and the fishing company.

Ken worked for PWD as a store man, and managed the Prince Philip Hallbar for 34 years, though he was a life-long teetotaler! He enjoyed playing bridge with customers and service was always with a joke and a smile. James Glass remembers Ken playing a piano in the main hall, before opening the pub, especially the Crystal Chandelier, and songs by Jim Reeves. He was passionate about his longboat Canton and took a keen interest in how she sailed on every trip she went to sea.

The funeral was performed by James Glass and Dereck Rogers in St. Joseph's Church at 2.30pm on Saturday 25th October. James, on behalf of Laurian and the family, would like to extend special thanks to Dr Carel and his wife, the nurses, and the support of family and friends during his time of illness. James also acknowledges the support and prayers of Father Chris who's preaching Ken admired. James added that 'Ken was certainly one of 'Natures Gentlemen', and will be sadly missed by his family and friends.

Baptism of Calvin Green

Mgr Michel Bernard McPartland, Apostolic Prefect to the Falkland Islands described the baptism of Calvin Green as the highlight of his visit to Tristan da Cunha during the annual 2008 Agulhas trip. The baptism took place during a public Mass on Sunday 21st September 2008. In a report Mgr Michel added that 'the Administrator and Mrs. Morley were also present to witness the occasion. Even the weather, which was mainly cold wet and windy throughout my stay, was on the day of the baptism was calm, warm and sunny. In fact it was truly a memorable day from every point of view.'

Photographs from James Glass show

Above: Calvin with mother Donna being baptised by Mgr Michel

Left: Proud parents Desmond and Donna (holding Calvin) during the baptism service in St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church on Sunday 21st September conducted by Mgr Michel

Baptism of Amber Repetto

The arrival of the SA Agulhas on 12th September brought important family visitors to complete the gathering to celebrate the baptism of Amber Repetto, second daughter of Robin and Dawn Repetto, and sister to Jade. The baptism was held in St Mary's Church on Sunday 14th September and was followed by a Reception in the Prince Philip Hall. A wonderful day was also blessed by spring sunshine.

Picture taken in the church, left, shows front row from left to right:
Debbie Elsmore, Tracy Swain, Dawn, (holding Amber)
Paula Swain and Karen Lavarello-Schreier.
Back row from left to right:
Simon Glass, Philip Rogers, Andre Repetto, Rev Don Wittich. and Robin.

Picture taken in the Prince Philip Hall shows form left to right:
Tracy holding daughter Shannon, Marlene Swain, Kelly Swain, Dawn, Allan Swain, Larry Swain, Robin (holding Amber), Joy Stoffberg with Jade, and Dave Glass.

Marlene, Allan and Joy are proud grand-parents.

Photos and report from proud father Robin Repetto

Birth of Calvin Green

We are delighted to announce the birth of Calvin Patrick Charles Green, born to proud parents Donna and Desmond on 20th May 2008.   Dr Carel took advantage of Dr Noe Zamel's presence on the island to enlist his help at the delivery.

The photograph taken soon after the birth in Camogli Hospital shows Dr Noe holding young Calvin, Dr Carel by Donna's bedside and also left to right nurses Teresa Green, Dilys Green, Judith Green and Sandra Rogers.

Obituary for Paddy Rogers

We regret to announce the death of Patrick (Paddy) Rogers on 9th April 2008 at the age of 97. Paddy was born on 6th September 1910 to William and Jane (nee Swain) Rogers . Paddy had two elder siblings, Arthur and Elizabeth, and younger brothers Victor and Jack. He survived his youngest sister Maud by only 11 days.

Paddy married Laurie Lavarello who died in 2004 aged 84. They had three children (Audrey, Stella and Edward), seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Paddy's life spanned great changes for the Tristan community. He was born in a period of isolation during which there were no incoming mails for ten years and was one of the fisherman working from the Big Beach factory before it was destroyed by lava in 1961. In later life he was the 'grand old man' of Tristan da Cunha and is remembered with great affection by his family and friends.

Eddie, Stella, Audrey and their families would like to extend their thanks to all who helped and supported them both during Paddy's illness and at his death and funeral. They also wish to thank all those who sent condolence messages by phone and e-mail.

Obituary for Maud Swain

We regret to announce the death of Maud Swain (nee Rogers) on 29th March 2008, aged 91. Maud was born on 5th January 1917 and was the youngest child of William and Jane (nee Swain) Rogers. Maud had four older brothers (Arthur, Paddy, Victor and Jack) and one sister (Elizabeth).

Maud married Norman Swain, who unfortunately was tragically killed in an accident on the Tristan mountain in 1964. They had three children (Adam, Sogneas and Patricia), eight grand-children (four on Tristan and four in England) and six great-grandchildren (three on Tristan and three in England).

Maud was a wonderful person who will be sadly missed by family and the wider Tristan community. A special highlight of Maud's life was travelling to the UK with her daughter Pat in 1987 to take part in the TV programme 'Surprise, Surprise', hosted by Cilla Black to celebrate her son Adam's 50th birthday. A surprise for Adam (who lives in England) it certainly was!

Easter Week Birth of Amber Donna-May Repetto

We are delighted to announce the birth of Amber Donna-May Repetto to Dawn and Robin Repetto on 18th March 2008. Amber was born at 08:58, weighing 2.6Kg and is pictured left with proud sister Jade. Mother and the baby are both doing very well. Dr Carl was assisted by the Royal Engineers medical team to whom Robin and Dawn extend their sincere gratitude for a superb job.

Obituary for Hubert Green

We regret to announce the sudden death of Hubert Robert Green on 5th January 2008 aged 82. Hubert's death was a great shock to the Tristan community as he was walking around his garden on a summer Saturday morning a few hours before his death. He loved his garden, and was always giving plants to people around the village.

Hubert was born on 3rd October 1925, the eldest child and only son of Edward ('Ned') and Dorothy ('Dolly') Green (nee Glass).

He was the great-great-great grandson of the Dutchman Peter Green (alias Pieter Groen) who was shipwrecked on Tristan aboard the schooner Emily in 1836. He married Harriet Lavarello, who died in 2003, and is survived by his sisters Bridget Green and Margaret Repetto.

The funeral was held on Sunday 6th January 2008 and brought a sad end to an extended summer holiday which began in similar style three weeks before.