News of islanders' births, marriages, deaths, and significant birthdays and wedding anniversaries, both on Tristan da Cunha and abroad, during 2011.

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Eric Glass's 70th Birthday

Eric Glass celebrated his 70th
birthday with a party
at home on 1st December

Eric and Martha with the cake
and birthday buffet
Eric with his cake and godchildren
Left to Right Karl Hagan, Kevin Glass, Andrew Green and Debbie Swain,
Absent was Debbie Elsmore
now resident in England
Photos from daughter Tina Glass
and (centre) from O' Grundy
who looks forward to staying
with Martha and Eric this Christmas
and spinning a few stories.

Christening of Lucas Swain

Lucas Jacob Swain
was Christened on 20th November
at 8am in St Mary's Church.
Lucas is the son of parents Glenda and Barry Swain.
The baptism was followed
by a reception afterwards held at the home of Glenda's parents,
Neil and Noelene Swain.
The day was blessed with lovely sunshine.

Pictures and Report from Tina Glass

Glenda and Barry Swain with Lucas

Right: Glenda, Barry,
grandmother Noelene Swain
(holding Lucas),
with grandfathers Barney and Neil Swain

Godparents Front Row L to R
Sasha Green, Kirsty Green, Barry with
Lucas, Glenda, Anne Marie Collins
Back Row L to R Shane Green, Patrick Green, Andrew Green, Eugene Repetto,
George Swain, Anita Repetto,
Wayne Swain, Nicky Swain
Absent overseas were:
Shirley Squib, Hazel Carter, Lynn Buckley

Danny with Catherine Glass, Lorraine Repetto, Jenny Green and Ches Lavarello Danny with his 'Gunners' Cake
(He is delighted the website is still in the
Aston Villa colours of course!)
Danny with parents
Brenda and Douglas Swain

Danny Swain's 18th Party

Danny Swain's
18th Birthday was celebrated
on 16th September 2011

Photos from Tina Glass

Danny with Fardi Ches Danny with first cousin Graham Rogers

John Lavarello's 40th Birthday Celebration

Above: John with his godchildren:
Left to Right: Cedric Swain, Sasha Green, Katie Repetto, Wayne Swain, Patrick Green.
In front: Nathan Swain (not actually a Godchild), Jamie Glass
Absent Godchildren: Rodney Green, Natalie Swain and Kayleigh Young (who lives in the UK).

John Lavarello's 40th Birthday
was celebrated on the 16th September.

Photos from Tina Glass

Above: John with his two sisters Beverley Swain (left) and Marion Green (right)

Centre: John with his wife Vanessa.

Birth of Liam Leitner

We are delighted to announce the birth of Liam Patrick Leitner on 14th September 2011 in Munich, Germany. Liam weighed 3.35 kg at birth and is the son of proud parents Mariah (nee Green) and Marko Leitner who sent the picture of Liam in hospital at three days old.

Birth of Connor Glass-Green

We are delighted to announce the birth of Connor Patrick Glass-Green at 4.50 pm on 13th September 2011. Connor weighed in at 2.0 kg and is the son of proud parents Rodney Green and Sarah Glass.

Photo of young Connor from Tina Glass

Birth of Ryan Rogers

We are delighted to announce the birth of Ryan Christopher Alfred Rogers on 11th September 2011 to proud parents Gerald and Gail Rogers. Ryan was born in Northamptonshire, England and weighed in at 8lbs 2oz. He is a brother for Genna and a first grandson for Alfred and Rhoda Rogers.

Birth of Ethan Lavarello-Green

We are delighted to announce the birth of Ethan Terrence Lavarello-Green in Dorset, England on 1st September 2011. Ethan weighed in at 7lbs 10 oz and is the son of proud parents Donny Green and Poppy Lavarello who sent the picture.

Obituary for Eileen Swain

We regret to announce the death of Lydia Eileen Parker Swain on 11th of September 2011, aged 83. Known by all as Eileen, she was born on 28th June 1928 and was the fourth child of George and Maggie Swain.

Eileen was a hard worker and worked part time at the Fish Processing Factory until her retirement. She was a pleasant and caring person who was always smiling. She will be greatly missed by all those who knew her, but she leaves behind many happy and treasured memories.

She is survived by her sister Lucy, niece Carol Swain and by nephews Thomas and Neil Swain. Lucy and family would like to express their thanks to everyone for their kind messages of sympathy during this sad time.

Terry Green's 60th Birthday

Terry Green celebrated his
60th birthday on
8th September

Photographs from niece Tina Glass show
Terry with his wife Maureen
and the birthday buffet spread.

Doreen Swain's 65th Birthday

Doreen's 65th Birthday was celebrated on 19th August 2011

Photos from Tina Glass show:

Left: Doreen with her Godchildren Barry Swain, Geraldine Repetto and Sandra Rogers

Centre: Doreen with her birthday cake

Right: Doreen and husband David Swain with their children Aron, Ricky and Priscilla

Jack Green's 60th Birthday

Jack Green's 60th Birthday was celebrated on 22nd July
Photos from Jack's wife Cynthia show:
Left: Cynthia holding the cake being cut by Jack; Centre: Jack with his son Shane and Cynthia
Right: Jack's Godchildren - Left to Right: Lynette Green, Clive Glass, Warren Glass, Jack Green, Adrian Swain, Clifton Repetto
Jack's Godchildren overseas are Fiona Rogers, Shirley Squibb, Chiara Schreier, Leon Glass

Mary Glass' 70th Birthday

celebrated on 20th July.

Photos from Tina Glass show:

Left: Mary Glass cutting her cake

Right: Mary with her Godchildren
Left to Right: Cynthia Green, Christopher Swain, Mary Glass, Andrew Green, Ricky Swain

Kieran Glass' 5th Birthday Fancy Dress Party

was held in the Prince Philip Hall on 30th June 2011

Photos from Tina Glass show left to right:
Julie Green, Jeandre Bouwer, Tristan Glass, Chantelle Repetto, Jamie Glass, Shannon Swain,
Calum Green, Amber Repetto, Kieran Glass, Deanna Rogers, Calvin Green

Katie Repetto's 1st Birthday

was celebrated on 16th June 2011.

Photos from Tina Glass show:

Left: Katie with sister Chantelle and parents Paul and Geraldine;

Right Katie with Chantelle

Above: Godparents L to R: Front Row Cynthia Green, Beverley Repetto, Sue Kerr, Iris Green, Amanda Swain, Geraldine Repetto
Back Row: Paul Repetto, Eugene Repetto, John Lavarello, Trevor Glass, Matthew Green, Colin Hagan.
Jim Kerr is also a Godparent

Obituary for Clement Glass

We regret to announce the death of Timothy Gordon Glass who was known to everyone on the island has Clement. Clement was born on 6th April 1922, the eldest son of Gordon and Susan Glass, and great-great grandson of the original settler Corporal William Glass. He passed away on 25th July at 5.15am after a six month illness during which he needed specialised care. At 89 he was the oldest man on the island.

Clement was a popular Islander being very cheerful, having a good sense of humour, a smiley face and always participating in a joke. Tristanians will remember him by his nickname ‘Buddy Mac’. He was a very hard worker who was always out at the Patches working in his plots and tending to his animals right up until his recent illness. He loved going on longboat trips to Nightingale.

He worked both as a fisherman for Tristan Investments and for the PWD. He drove the first bulldozer that came to the island.

Clement is survived by his loving wife Bertha, daughter Minnie, grandson Kevin, brothers Eric and Andrew and his two sisters Lily and Ada that live in the UK. He will be sadly missed and the family would like to express their thanks to everyone that sent condolences.

Nancy Swain celebrated her 70th birthday on 11th June 2011

Photos from Tina Glass show:

Left: Nancy with her cake

Right: Nancy with Clive Glass, George Swain, Miranda Repetto, and Iris Green

Margaret Swain celebrated her 70th birthday on 3rd June 2011

Left: The birthday buffet

Right: Margaret with her cake

Birth of Lucas Swain

We are delighted to announce the birth of Lucas Jacob Swain on 4th June 2011 at 17.00 in Tristan's Camogli Hospital. Lucas is the first child of Glenda and Barry Swain and weighed in at 3.6kg.

Photos from Robin Repetto show pictures of proud parents Glenda and Barry with young Lucas, and right with first cousin Ryan Swain (son of Nicky & Emma).

Jeanette Lavarello's 65th Birthday

Photos from Tina Glass

Jeanette was 65 on 9th March 2011, but as daughter Cynthia was in Cape Town, her birthday party was postponed until 6th May.

Left: Jeanette and husband Ches at the party

Left to right:
Back row: Shane Green, Duncan Lavarello, Ches Lavarello, Jack Green
Front row: Jackie Lavarello, Cynthia Green, Jeanette Lavarello, Janine Lavarello
Jeanette's Teapot Birthday Cake Jeanette and Ches with daughter Cynthia and son Duncan
The three pictures above show views in the Tourism Centre when Jeanette's Government colleagues organised a lunch on 7th March to mark her retirement.

Alfred Rogers' 60th Birthday

Alfred celebrated his 60th birthday on 16th February

Photos from daughter Geraldine Repetto

Left : Alfred with his birthday cake

Alfred and wife Rhoda Chantelle, Alfred and Rhoda with their grandchildren Chantelle (left) and Katie (held by Rhoda). Their third grandchild Genna lives in the UK. Alfred with his two godchildren Ricky Swain and Natasha Glass.

Christening of Tristan Young

Held on 6th February 2011 at St Mary's Church

Pictures and report from Iris Green

Tristan is the son of Melanie (nee Glass) and Paul Young. Melanie was visiting her parents Rosemary & Roger Glass with her two children Kayleigh & Tristan for a few months. Husband Paul & son Dave remained in the UK.

It was a lovely sunny day and a reception was held at Melanie's parents home later in the morning.

Melanie, Tristan & Kayleigh left on the first stage of their return to their home in Cornwall on 1st March aboard the Baltic Trader

Picture left shows:
Tristan Lay Reader Lars Repetto Christening Tristan in the font at St Mary's Church

Godparents with Tristan

Back Row: Pamela Swain, Vanessa Lavarello, Martin Green, Simon Glass, Andre Repetto,

Front Row: Tristan, Marion Green, Lorraine Repetto.

Other Godparents not present were Charmaine Swain(Cape Town), Andrea Machin & Rob Parker (UK), and Jody Squibb (France)

Melanie & Tristan

Apologies to the family for the very late publication of this article.

Kayleigh, Rosemary, Tristan, Roger & Melanie

Ricky Swain's 40th Birthday

In Tristan da Cunha's family orientated society 'buffdays' are important occasions.
Here we show Ricky's 40th celebration on 14th January 2011 with images from Iris Green

Ricky with his parents David & Doreen

Ricky with brother Aron
& sister Priscilla


Ricky holding his birthday cake
(iced by sister-in-law Sammy)
with his wife Amanda


Ricky with Godchildren
- Donna (holding son Calvin),
Leanne, Rachel,
Leo & Chantelle.
Other Godchildren
Kora & Genna
are in the UK


Ricky with his Godparents Alfred, Ches, Barney, Gracie & Mary