Photographs of the birthday celebrations of Tristan da Cunha islanders.

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Sandra Rogers' 50th Birthday

Report and photos from Tina Glass
Sandra was 50 on 9th October, but her celebration party was delayed until 11th December

Sandra with her cake Rogers
Sandra with her Godchildren Julie Green,
daughter Deanna Rogers, and Shannon Swain
Sandra with her siblings, Liz, Jimmy and Nora Swain
(absent from the photo were
Dereck, Anthony, Brian and Felicity Glass)
Sandra with her Godparents -
Joseph Green and Caroline Rogers,
(absent from the photo were Peggy Rogers and Doreen Swain)

Alison Swain's 40th Birthday

was celebrated on 8th December
Alison and mum Nora Swain
L to R Christopher Swain, Maria Swain, Alison Swain, Cliff Swain and Tracy Swain (brothers and sisters)
L to R - Godchildren, Kailey Swain, Linda Green, Cedric Swain, Kelly Swain, Deanna Rogers, Alison Swain, Leanne Swain
(absent was Kieran Glass)
Alison with Godparent Richard Green
(absent were Felicity Glass, Stan Swain and Gill Humphries)

Benny Green's 80th Birthday

Report and photos from Tina Glass

Benny Green's 80th birthday was on 2nd December 2015 and the celebration party held on Saturday 5th December.

Photos show:

Above left: Benny with his wife Sylvia, left, and their children Jackie, Shaun and Rita

Above right (L-R) Front row: Janine Lavarello, Benny, Dylan and Janice Green, Tristan Glass; Back row Julian and Riaan Repetto, Kailey Swain, Clifton and Jonathan Repetto

Right: Benny's fantastic cake featuring four vegetable plots and chickens.

Andrew Glass' 90th Birthday

Uncle Andrew was 90 on 27th November and his birthday was celebrated on 3rd December, due to waiting for the arrival of the Baltic Trader.
The lovely party was well attended and Andrew is widely respected as an active elder, with one of the best vegetable gardens in the village, and encyclopedic knowledge of the island, particularly through his role as shepherd for many years.

Tina Glass' photos shows Andrew with his Godchildren,
left to right Marion Green, Danny Swain, and Minnie Glass.
Elaine Mawer (nee Repetto) is also a Godchild,
presently living in Scotland.

Irene Green's 90th Birthday

Report and photos from her grand-daughter Shirley Squibb

Irene's birthday party was held on 1st December,
ahead of her actual 90th birthday
a week later on 8th December.

Photos show:

Left - Irene with her daughters
Jean Swain and Rosemary Glass;

Below - with her cake
and with her great-grandson Charlie Squibb

Michelle Green's 21st Birthday

Report from Tina Glass and photos from Lorraine Repetto

Michelle Green was 21 on 27th May 2015 but her birthday was later celebrated with a party in the Café on the 7th November.

This is the first time we have featured on the website a private party held in this venue which is now available for use by families as well as official functions by arrangement.

Michelle with her grandparents Agnes and Gilbert Lavarello Michelle with her parents Nigel Lavarello Judith Green
Michelle with her grandparents
Anderson and Audrey Green
Michelle with Godparents:
Left to Right - Jenny Green, Raymond Green, Michelle,
Renee Green, and Teresa Green.
Absent were- Paul Repetto, Dennis Swain, Ian Lavarello, Carlene Glass-Green, Sheila Glass and Tanya Green.

Daphne Repetto's 80th Birthday on 20th October

Daphne was 80 on 20th October 2015
Photos from Tina Glass
Daphne and her husband Ernest Repetto
Daphne with her Godchildren
Joanne Green, Clive Glass, Marion Collins

Marie Repetto's 40th Birthday

Photo and report from Kelly Burns

Marie Repetto celebrated her 40th birthday
on 9th October 2015.

The photo shows left to right:
Top row - Jade Repetto, Marie Repetto and Randall Repetto.

Bottom row: Charlie Squibb, Kailey Swain, Amber Repetto and Savanna Green

(The godchildren are Jade, Randall , Charlie and Kailey)

Marie's splendid cake was made by Shirley Squibb
and features steaks cooking on a braai (barbecue).

Bertha Glass' 90th Birthday

Report and photos from Tina Glass

Bertha was 90 on 28th September 2015 but her party was held two days later.
Photos show Bertha with her splendid cake and, left with her daughter Minnie and grandson Kevin.

Joint Party for Amelia and Liam Leitner

Report and photos from Tina Glass

Amelia's first and Liam's fourth birthdays
were celebrated in the Prince Philip Hall
on Saturday 19th September.
Amelia's birthday was on the 5th September
while she was
traveling to Tristan on the Agulhas,
and Liam's on the 14th September.

Photo right shows Amelia with her grand-mother Dilys
alongside Chief Islander Ian Lavarello
and in front Liam with his birthday balloon.

Liam's with some of his Godparents -
Left to right: Julia Hagan, Ricky Swain, Samantha
Swain, John Lavarello and Jackie Lavarello.

Amelia with some of her Godparents -
Left to right: Priscilla Hagan, Janine Lavarello,
Karl Hagan and Matthew Green

See the Church News Page for photos and a report of Liam and Amelia's Christening with a full list of Godparents.

Eddie Rogers' 70th Birthday

Photo from Shirley Squibb
and report from Tina Glass

Eddie Rogers celebrated his 70th birthday on Friday 4th September prior to his actual birthday on the 6th September.

The photo shows Eddie with his wife Rebecca.

Vanessa Lavarello's 40th Birthday

Vanessa with her Godchildren :
Left to right -
Aiden Repetto, Lynette Green, Sasha Green,
Savanna Green, Cedric Swain, Vanessa Lavarello,
Justin Green, Kimberley Green,
Chantelle Repetto and Chloe Glass.

Absent were :
Tristan Glass, Tristan Young and Genna Rogers.

Vanessa Lavarello's 40th Birthday held in July
Photos and report from Tina Glass showing above
Vanessa and her husband John with the cake and buffet spread.

Owen Glass 1st Birthday

Report from Shirley Squibb and photos from Lorraine Repetto

Owen's 1st birthday was celebrated with a party at home on 26th June 2015.

Owen with his parents and siblings -
Left to right: Chloe, Owen, Natasha, Simon and Jamie Glass
Owen with his grandparents - Left to right:
Ken and Judy Green, Owen, Yvonne and Lewis Glass
Owen with Godparents -
Left to right:
Sarah Glass, George Swain, Andrea Repetto,
Lillie Swain, Owen, Natalie Swain, Jason Green,
Riaan Repetto and Cliff Swain

Allan and Marlene Swain's Joint Birthday Party

Report from Shirley Squibb and photos from grand-daughter Kelly Swain

Allan and Marlene Swain held a joint birthday party on Friday 19th June.
Allan was 65 on the 17th June and Marlene will be 63 on 27th July.
Photos show Allan and Marlene in their home with the traditional buffet table.

Savanna Burns Green's 1st Birthday

Photos from Conrad Glass and Iris Green
Reporting from Shirley Squibb and Cynthia Green

Savanna's 1st birthday was actually on Wednesday 27th May but it was postponed until Sunday 7th June. The party was held in the Prince Philip Hall at lunch time and special guests were the crew of the yacht Pelagic Australis that called on this day.

Savanna with her Godparents, left to right: Warren Glass, Patrick Green, Steve Swain, Leon Glass,
Kelly Burns, Shane Green, Savanna Burns Green, Vanessa Lavarello, Sasha Green with baby Sophie, Janine Lavarello,
Emma Swain with baby Tyler, Poppy Lavarello, Geraldine and Kirsty Repetto.

Caryn Green's 18th Birthday

Caryn Green celebrated her 18th birthday
on Monday 30th March

Photos from Tina Glass show:

Left: Caryn with her cake flanked by her father Keith,
mother Joanne and brother Jason Green

Caryn with her Godparents left to right, Graham Rogers, Felicity Glass, Hilary Rogers and Trevor Glass
Caryn with her grandparents Joe and Anne Green

Mary Lavarello's 80th Birthday

Photos from Tina Glass
Mary Lavarello celebrated her 80th birthday, which was on 8th January, on the 26th March.
In each photo Mary is seen with her birthday cake and in the group photos names are left to right.

Mary with her brother Roger Glass

Mary with her grandchildren Rhyanna Swain, Patrick Green, Mary, Cedric Swain and Lynette Green

Mary with her children Beverley Swain, John Lavarello, and Marion Green

Mary with her sister Amy Green

Sharon Glass' 50th Birthday

was celebrated in the Prince Philip Hall
on 12th March

Photos from Lorraine Repetto

Left: Sharon with her Granny Ellen Rogers
now in her 97th year

Sharon with Godparents Gracie and Herbert Glass.
Sharon with Godchildren
Tristan Glass, Kailey Swain, and Warren Glass.

Lucy Swain's 80th Birthday

Lucy's 80th birthday was on 26th November 2014,
but she held a delayed party on 28th February this year.

Photo from Tina Glass shows Lucy with her cake
and birthday buffet.

Maria Swain's 30th Birthday

The birthday was on 4th February but the celebration party was delayed until Saturday 28th.
Photos and captions from Tina Glass

Maria and daughter Kailey Swain

Maria with her Godchildren
Left to Right Connor Glass, Kieran Glass,Leanne Swain,
Maria, Rhyanna Swain, Deanna Rogers, Kelly Swain,
Calum Green, absent Chiara Schreier.

Maria with her brothers and sisters:
Left to Right - Christopher, Alison , Maria,
Tracy and Cliff Swain.

Maria with her Godparents
Left to Right James Glass, Rebecca Rogers,
Julia Hagan, Maria, Raymond Green and Laurian Rogers. Cynthia Green was absent from the photo.

Maria with her mum Nora
Maria with daughter Kailey and Clifton Repetto

Charlie Squibb's 1st Birthday

Charlie Squibb celebrated his 1st Birthday
on Friday 13th Feb
photo from his mum Shirley Squibb

Hilary Rogers' 60th Birthday

Report and Photos from Tina Glass

Hilary Rogers was 60 on 14th January 2015, but the birthday was celebrated on 6th February.


Right: Hilary and her husband Dereck Rogers

Hilary with her mum Gladys Lavarello and sister Rhoda.

Hilary with her Godchildren,
left to right Geraldine Repetto, Martin Green and Caryn Green.
Sarah Glass was absent for the photo.

Peggy Rogers celebrates her 70th birthday

Peggy Rogers celebrated her 70th birthday on 24th January.

Photos from Julia Hagan show -
Left Peggy with her cake;
Above with her husband Brian and their
granddaughter Kaitlyn.

Barney Swain's 65th Birthday

Barney Swain was 65 on 9th October 2014 but the party to celebrate was held on 23rd January this year.

Photos from tina Glass show:

Left: Barney with his grandchildren, Ryan Swain, April Swain, Lucas Swain

Below left: Barney with his sons Nicky and Adrian.

Below right: Barney with his Godchildren: Left to Right Andrew Green, Poppy Lavarello, Randal Repetto, Barney, Amanda Swain, Patrick Green, Ricky Swain (absent Judith and Keith Green)