Photographs of the birthday celebrations of Tristan da Cunha islanders during 2014.

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Jerry Green's 50th Birthday

Photos and Report from Tina Glass

Jerry Green celebrated his 50th birthday, which fell on 4th August belatedly on 29th November.

Left: Jerry with his wife Teresa and Son Ivan.

Jerry with his Godchildren,
Kailey Swain, Riaan Repetto and Wayne Swain.
Absent Natasha Glass, Callum Green and Steve Swain

Jerry with his Godparent Eddie Rogers
Other Godparents are Jeanette Lavarello and Stella Rogers)

Swain Family Joint Birthday Party
Report from Tina Glass and Photos from Robin Repetto
Kelly's 16th and Shannon's 8th birthdays were celebrated at a joint party held on the 40th birthday of their mother Tracy on 28th November. Kelly will not be 16 until 19th February next year and Shannon on 8th December.

Kelly and Shannon with their father Larry and mother Tracy
Tracy with her Godchildren - Left to Right -
Deanna Rogers, Kailey Swain, Julie Green, and in front
Amber Repetto. Absent was Steve Swain.

Kelly with her friends - Left to Right

Back row -
Riaan Repetto, Wayne Swain, Graham Rogers,
Dean Repetto and Jason Green

Front row -
Kimberley Green, Linda Green, Kelly Swain,
Natalie Swain and Lynette Green.

Kelly's godparents Cliff Swain, Norman Glass, Alison Swain, Tanya Green, Maria Swain, Christopher Swain,
and Dawn Repetto (holding Kailey Swain)
Raymond Green was absent.

Swain Family Joint Birthday Party
Report from Shirley Squibb and Photos from Robin Repetto

The Swain family joint birthday celebrations
were held on Friday 24th October

to mark two earlier birthdays -
Mum Paula's 40th (actually on 21st October),
daughter Natalie's 16th (actually on 30th June) -

and two later birthdays -
son Nathan's 11th (actually on the 25th October)
and Dad Mark's (actually on 4th November)

Mark, Natalie, Paula and Nathan Swain
Paula, Nathan and Natalie's birthday cakes
(Mark's will follow next month?)
Below right:
The birthday buffet spread

Cedric Swain's 21st Birthday
Photos and Report from Shirley Swain

Cedric Swain's 21st Birthday
was celebrated in the Prince Philip Hall on Saturday 4th October following his actual birthday on 29th September.

Left: Cedric with his Liverpool FC themed cake with his mother Beverley, father Christopher and sister
Rhyanna Swain.

Cedric with his grandmother Nora Swain.

Cedric with his Godchildren, Mia Williams, Kailey and Shannon Swain.

Above: Cedric with his Godparents, Alison and Cliff Swain, Felicity Glass, Keith and Marion Green, Larry Swain, Cedric, John and Vanessa Lavarello, Sandra Rogers, Raymond Green and Shirley Squibb.
Right: With friends Danny and Steve Swain, Cedric,
Patrick and Shane Green.

Repetto Brothers celebrate 18th and 12th Birthdays
Report and Photos from Shirley Squibb

Dean Repetto's 18th birthday party was held at home on
Friday 29th September following his actual birthday on 9th of the same month. Dean's brother Randall also celebrated his 12th birthday (actually on 21st August) the same day.

Left: Dean and Randall with their cakes

Dean and Randall with grandparents.
Joyce and Donald Hagan and Joan Repetto

Dean and Randall with parents Darren and Miranda

Dean with Godparents:
Left to right - Shirley Squibb, Marie Repetto, Mark
Swain, Dean, Debbie Swain, Adrian Swain and Marion Collins.

Dean with friends:
Left to right - back row -Wayne Swain, Marc Escudier,
Jason Green, Dean and Riaan Repetto;
Front row - Lynette Green, Kelly,
Leanne and Natalie Swain and Linda Green.



Linda Potgieter's 50th Birthday
Report and photos from Lorraine Repetto

Linda Potgieter's 50th Birthday was celebrated with a party held in the Prince Philip Hall on Saturday 27th September. Linda had joined her husband Kobus on SA Agulhas and the party included a popular dance for
the community and Agulhas visitors.

Photos show - Above:
Linda raising a glass by her cake and birthday buffet
and Linda and Kobus dancing;
Left - the dance in full swing.

David Swain's 65th Birthday
Report and Photos from Tina Glass
David's birthday celebration was postponed from his actual birthday on 17th July until his wife Doreen's birthday on 19th August.

David with his wife Doreen,
son Ricky and daughter Priscilla Hagan

The family group show right are joined by David's daughters in law Amanda and Debbie Swain.

David's cake celebrates his role as Coxswain
of the Margaret Rose Longboat,
also known as 'Pincher'.

See the Longboats Page for more details
of Tristan's traditional craft.

Nora's 65th Birthday
Nora Swain's 65th birthday was celebrated on
1st August following her actual birthday on 9th July.
Photos and report from Tina Glass

Nora with her grand-children -
Left to Right: Kelly, Cedric, Shannon, Nora, Kailey, Leanne, Rhyanna, and Steve Swain.

Above: Nora with her sisters -
Left to Right -
Felicity Glass, Liz Rogers, Nora and Sandra Rogers.

Left: Nora with her children -
Left to Right -
Christopher, Maria, Alison,
Nora, Cliff and Tracy.

Patrick Green's 21st Birthday
was on 16th April, but was celebrated on 20th June
Report and photos from Tina Glass

Patrick with his sister Lynette
and parents Albert and Marion

Patrick with his Godparents
Left to Right - Jeffrey Rogers, Barney Swain, Andy Repetto, Patrick with his cake, Elaine Mawer, Judy Green and Roger Glass.

Rita's 50th Birthday Celebrated

Photos from Tina Glass show Rita Repetto celebrating her 50th birthday on 7th June

Rita with husband Gary

Gary and Rita with Rita's parents Sylvia and Benny Green

Rita and Gary with their sons Clifton, Julian, Riaan and Jonathan

Triple Birthday Party for Three Generations of the Repetto Family
A special birthday party was held on 27th May to celebrate jointly:
The 80th birthday of Lindsay Repetto;
The 50th birthday of Lindsay's daughter Beverley
and the 30th Birthday of Lindsay's grand-daughter (and Beverley's daughter) Anita.
The celebration was enhanced as Lindsay's daughter Elaine Mawer was visiting the island from her home in Scotland.

Photos from Lorraine Repetto

The family group:
Grand-parents Lindsay and Margaret Repetto
with daughters Beverley Repetto (far left), Elaine Mawer (3rd left) son Andrea and grand-daughter Anita Repetto.

Lindsay with his God-Children:
Left to right: Priscilla Hagan, Jane Repetto,
Desiree Repetto and Linda Lavarello

Beverley with her God-Children:
Front Row: Ryan Swain & Katie Repetto.
Middle Row: Poppy Lavarello & Beverley.
Back Row: Nicky Swain & Patrick Green.
Anita with her God-Children:
Front row: Ryan Swain (Holding the cake),
Ethan Lavarello-Green, Katie Repetto.
Back Row: Kieran Glass, Janice Green, Anita & Kailey Swain
(in Anita's arms).

Leanne Swain's 16th Birthday

Leanne Swain's 16th birthday was celebrated on Saturday 26th April ahead of the actual birthday on 29th April.
Photos from Tina Glass show Leanne at the party with her cake and with her parents Lillie and Cliff Swain in their home.

Harold Green's 80th Birthday

Photo from Tina Glass
shows Harold and Amy at home
during the party on Saturday 15th February

Harold spent his 22nd birthday on Gough Island when he worked with fellow Tristan Islander Ernie Repetto with the Gough Island Scientific Survey. This GISS photo shows Harold and Ernie on Gough in 1956.

Harold was the first elected Tristan da Cunha Chief Islander in 1970,
and served three terms in this role, 1970-1973, 1979-1982 and 1985-1988.
Harold's many friends on and away from Tristan, wish him Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!

April Swain's 1st Birthday
Photos from her mum Samantha

April on the lawn and of her cake during her birthday party on 31st January

Left to Right: Front row - Anita Repetto, Lorraine Repetto,
April Swain, Amanda Swain, Lynette Green
Middle Row - Natalie Swain
Back Row - Natasha Glass and Leanne Swain

Left to Right: Front Row- Donny Green, Aron Swain,
Kobus Potgieter, Andrew Green, Nicky Swain.
Back Row - Patrick Green, Leon Glass,
Shane Green, Justin Green

Left to Right: Graham Rogers, April, Desmond Green,
Kailey Swain, Adrian Swain, Steve Swain

The Godparents absent were:

Rodney Green, Matthew Green, Ivan Green,
Jonathan Repetto, Fouche Conraide (CT),
Andrew Mawer (UK), Rachel Green (CT),
Janine Lavarello (CT),
Kora Monaham-Lavarello (UK)
and & Shirley Willemse (CT).