The 'Tristan da Cunha Newsletter' is a full colour magazine for members and islanders published twice per year. It has news and feature articles, lavishly illustrated with photographs that do not appear on the website.

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The Newsletter is distributed free to members and to island families.
Spare copies are initially reserved for new members or extra copies for members. - see the Association Shop for details.
Please note: Longer articles and many images are reserved for the newsletter and not available on the website.

February 2023 Newsletter

44 pages of Tristan news and features

Published in February 2023.

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  • Cover: The Tristan summit crater lake (Peak Pond)
  • Tributes following the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II
  • Unexpected change of administrators
  • Administrator Sean Burns Reports
  • Tristan house fire devasting for island family
  • Health reports, by doctors Abby Paton and Alex Wonner
  • Fishing News from James Glass, Clinton Le Bod & Shannon Swain
  • Family and Community News
  • Sisters on Tour, by Paula Swain & Tracy Tough. Visiting their father's home island for the first time
  • 2022 horticulture visit, by Aniket Sardana
  • Latest stamp issues from the Tristan Post Office
  • Stamps for Tristan - Another Racket?, by Mike Faulds
  • Sophora - a Gough Island Puzzle, by Martin Holdgate
  • Denstone Expedition to Inaccessible Island 40 years on, by Clive Siddall
  • Tristan Environmental Assessment 2022, by Anna Hicks & Neil Golding
  • Shipping News
  • TDCA-funded laptops for St Mary's School & Association Matters
  • Back cover: 2022 wildlife discoveries

August 2022 Newsletter

Contents of the 'Tristan da Cunha Newsletter', August 2022.
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Islanders Abroad
It is hoped that the Newsletter will be an important vehicle to keep Tristan Islanders throughout the world in touch with each other. Photographs and brief personal details are invited for the regular Islanders' Abroad feature. Obviously the Association hopes Islanders will want to join the Association and take part in the expanding programme organised by the committee.