Contents of the 'Tristan da Cunha Newsletter', February 2021,

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February 2021 Newsletter

Tristan da Cunha Newsletter, Ferbruary 2021, Cover

44 pages of Tristan news and features published in February 2021.


  • Cover: MFV Geo Searcher off the Gough Island coast, April 2017
  • RIP MFV Geo Searcher; Report on the disaster, October 2020
  • Administrators Report, by Fiona Kilpatrick and Steve Townsend
  • Marine Protection Zone announced November 2020, by Chief Islander James Glass
  • Post Office News: Latest stamp issues:
    • Sharks, Part 1
    • Mid Atlantic Healthcare
    • Vagrant Species, Part 2
    • Modern Mail Ships Definitives
  • Family News
    • Birth of Alfie Rogers
    • Obituary for Donald Hagan
  • Finding Donald Glass: The Man from the Middle of Nowhere, by Siân Shaw
  • Seal Research at the Tristan da Cunha Islands, by Marthán Bester
  • Pioneering study of Gough fur seals 65 years ago: 90th birthday tribute to Association President, Michael Swales
  • Tristan Association Matters
  • Tristan benefits from EU-US lobster trade deal, by Chris Carnegy
  • Presentation of BEMs to Eddie Rogers and Lars Repetto