The Association holds its Annual Gathering in Southampton, England, usually the week after Easter. This is chance to socialise, watch Tristan films, and hear experts speak on topical Tristan subjects.

About the Annual Gatherings

Tristan Annual Gathering picturesWhatever your own interest in the Tristan da Cunha archipelago, you are sure to find someone at the Annual Gathering who shares it. Association members' interests are many and varied. Some members have worked on the island (e.g. ex-Adminstrators and teachers). Some have undertaken scientific research on the island. Others are hobbyists such as bird watchers or stamp collectors. There are islanders who now live abroad and people who befriended the exiled islanders in England during the volcano years.

The Annual Gathering normally takes place in Southampton, England, usually the weekend after Easter. Apart from socialising, activities include an expert talk on a Tristan-related subject, a Tristan film show, a philatelic exhibition, craft and book stalls, a charity auction in aid of the Educational Trust Fund, and last but not least an evening dinner dance.

Next Annual Gathering

The next Gathering will be held on the 27th April 2019
With a talk on Veterinary Practice on Tristan by Aniket Sardana
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Recent Annual Gathering Talks

Programme for the 2019 Annual Gathering

Programme and booking details for the Annual Gathering of the Tristan da Cunha Association to be held in Southampton on 27th April 2019.
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2018 Annual Gathering

Report on the 2018 Association Annual Gathering in Southampton, where members socialised, watched films, and visited stalls. Antje Steinfurth gave a talk on Project Pinnamin.
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