Contents of the 'Tristan da Cunha Newsletter', February 2024,

February 2024 Newsletter

44 pages of Tristan news and features

Published in February 2024.


  • Cover: The Base with the snowy Peak behind. Photo: Kate Davies
  • Administrator Philip Kendall reports on his first 100 days in office
  • Small Island, Big Reach, by Chris Carnegy
  • Church News, from Bishop Geoff Davies & Fr Dominic Helmboldt
  • Family and Community News
  • A Fresh Look at the Words and Art of Augustus Earle Recorded 200 Years Ago, by Richard Grundy
  • Latest Stamp Issues from the Tristan Post Office
  • Tristan's 'Patriotic Anthem' Rises Again, by Neil Robson
  • Shipping News
  • First Ever Screening Colonoscopy Programme.
    Report from Dr Alex Wonner & Professor Paul Goldberg
  • Review of Joe Hollins' book 'Vet at the End of the Earth',
    by Ian Mathieson
  • Fishing Report, from James Glass
  • Introducing 2024 Annual Gathering Speaker Dr Andrew James
  • Tristan Association News
  • Naming and Launch of the New Longboat Sean B
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