Contents of the 'Tristan da Cunha Newsletter', August 2012,

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August 2012 Newsletter

is a 40 page full colour magazine full of Tristan news and features
posted to members on 26th / 27th July

Highlights of the August 2012 Newsletter

  • Cover picture: Atlantic Yellow-Nosed Albatross and Chick on Nightingale Island
  • Administrator Sean Burns surveys the last six months on Tristan da Cunha
  • Family News Update
  • Tristan Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations
  • Education News from Jim Kerr
  • Two awards for Tristan Fishery in 2011
  • Shipping Schedule and News
  • Optometrist Priscilla Brown's Vision of her 2011 Tristan Visit
  • Dawn Repetto reports on the eventful visit of the National Geographic Explorer
  • Stephanie Martin reports on her month-long stay on Tristan
  • Latest Post Office News including a new contract and latest stamp issues
  • Botanist Jim McIntosh describes a trip exploring the south-east of Tristan
  • Dawn Repetto reports on Tristan's first re-cycling project
  • 2012 Ratting Day Report
  • Conservation Report from RSPB Project Officer Katrine Herian
  • A Frenchman on Tristan by Geoffroy Hiernard
  • Keeping up the family tradition of model longboat making by Andrew Mawer
  • Tristan and the Calshot Years by Heather Broadbent
  • Andrea Repetto's descendant Ian Brown reports on his visit to Camogli
  • Crawford Family Wedding in Cape Town with Tristan Islander guests
  • 2012 Tristan Association Annual Gathering Report
  • Tristan Association Update
  • Back Page 2012 Queen's Day Sports Photo Feature