Contents of the 'Tristan da Cunha Newsletter', February 2017,

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February 2017 Newsletter

44 pages of Tristan news and features published in February 2017.


  • Marc Escudier's photo shows Inaccessible Island at dusk from above Runaway Beach
  • Index and 200th Anniversary Day Celebration
  • Administrator Sean Burns reports at the start of his second term as Administrator
  • Reflections on JMC Week by Chris Carnegy
  • Highlights of Chief Islander Ian Lavarello's 2016 tour
  • Tristan Family News
  • St Mary's School Report
  • Education and Training Overseas
  • Shipping and Community News
  • Latest Stamp Issues: Peter Green; Bio-Diversity and 60th Anniversary of Prince Philip's Visit
  • Discovering Tristan by Jennifer Craig
  • Project Pinnamin by Antje Steinfurth
  • Irish Charm Touches 1930s Tristan by Neil Robson
  • The Gough Island Post Office by Sir Martin Holdgate
  • Tristan Association News
  • 10 Years of Enviroconsult's work on Tristan by our 2017 AG Speaker Marc Escudier