Centents of the 'Tristan da Cunha Newsletter', February 2010,

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February 2010 Newsletter

The February 2010 Newsletter was posted in late January.
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Highlights of the Newsletter

  • Highlights of the Newsletter
  • Tristan’s New Fishing Factory heralds a new future for fish exports
  • Tristan’s New Constitution
  • Administrator David Morley unveils Tristan da Cunha’s Seven Year Plan
  • Chris Bates’ account of the Chief Islander’s 2009 UK Visit
  • Education Adviser Jim Kerr’s School Report
  • New Handicraft and Souvenir Service ~ Post Office News
  • Tristan Family News
  • Tim and Pam Fogg describe islanders rope training
  • St Mary's Pupils’ day abseiling
  • Report From Tristan Dentist Aileen Logie
  • Anna Hicks reports on the Tristan Volcano
  • RSPB’s Brad Robson’s Conservation Report
  • Trevor Glass reports on conservation work at Sandy Point
  • Gough Stinker Report from John Cooper
  • Peter Ryan describes Inaccessible projects
  • Book News including a review of a new Tristan Recipe Book
  • Shipping News
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many images are reserved for the newsletter and are not available on the website