The Blue Belt Programme aims to create marine conservations zones around the UK's Overeas Territories, including the Tristan da Cunha group of islands.

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News of Tristan's planning and implementation of the Blue Belt Programme. This is a UK strategy to protect the marine environment of its Overseas Territories, including the Tristan da Cunha group of islands, by establishing marine conservation zones. The UK Government has provided funding up to 2020 to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) to provide the expertise and advice the OTs might need to formulate and deliver the strategy.

RRS Discovery's Tristan cruise ends

Report and photos from Tristan Administrator Sean Burns

RRS Discovery returned to Tristan da Cunha on Saturday 30th March 2019 for a busy day briefing the island community on its work.

RRS Discovery at Tristan on 30th March 2019 with Hottentot Point left and Inaccessible Island behind.

On the bridge of RRS Discovery

RRS Discovery's Master, Captain Stewart Mackay
swapping crests with Sean Burns
Sean Burns and Stewart Mackay flanked by Professor Martin Collins (right) and Dr Simon Morley (left).

Marina Burns shown around one of RRS Discovery's scientific labs. by Martin Collins and Simon Morley.

Martin Collins and Simon Morley continue to show Marina equipment on the main deck of RRS Discovery.

Photos above and below show Simon Morley and Martin Collins making a presentation about
the work of the RRS Discovery Expedition to the Tristan community in the Post Office and Tourism Centre
during the afternoon of Saturday 30th March.


RRS Discovery preparing to leave Tristan for St Helena

RRS Discovery departs for St Helena

Blue Belt Expedition completes its Tristan Exclusive Economic Zone work
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Natural History Museum event links with RRS Discovery

Report and photos from Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy

Photo of RRS Discovery heading back to Tristan on 29th March from the team on board

On Friday 29th March 2019 the research cruise to 'Tristan by Discovery' (RRS Discovery was due back at Tristan da Cunha the following day) was featured in a live audience event at the Natural History Museum in London.

The Museum's Alastair Hendry interviewed Serena Wright of the Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, and introduced an ambitious live video link-up with researchers on board the ship in Tristan waters.

This picture, taken during the NHM event, captures the moment when pelagic cameras emerged from the depths
of the South Atlantic, with Paul Whomersley of Cefas explaining from on board the vessel.

Before the event, the Museum marine researcher Dr Adrian Glover provided a laboratory tour
for Tristan UK Representative Chris Carnegy, Foreign Office ‘Blue Belt' lead Kylie Bamford,
and CEFAS Chief Executive Tom Karsten.

RRS Discovery arrives at Tristan

Multi-discipline team change-over, March 2019.
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RRS Discovery wildlife observations

On the outward journey from the Falkland Islands to Tristan
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RRS Discovery departs Falklands for Tristan

Latest episode of Blue Belt research gets underway
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Blue Belt talks at London Zoo

Event organised by the Marine Management Organisation
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Chief Islander in UK Blue Belt Meetings

Ian Lavarello takes part in second week of consultations
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JMC Week Highlights

Tristan at centre stage of Overseas Territories' big week
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Tristan Fisheries Department's excellent work celebrated

RSPB report to coincide with World Wildlife Conservation Day
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Planning a Tristan da Cunha Marine Protection Strategy

Report of July 2018 London Meeting
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Trip to Inaccessible and Nightingale Islands using new RIB

Tristan Conservation Department trip to support field work teams.
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Wave Dancer in UK for refurbishment

Tristan's Fisheries Patrol boat arrives in UK for Blue Belt funded repairs
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Blue Belt Annual Update Published

2017/18 Programme Booklet available to download
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Tristan Blue Belt Summary

Oliver Yates from Cefas summarises progress up to June 2018
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Tristan represented at No 10 Environment Meeting

UKOTA meets Sir John Randall, the Prime Minister’s Special Adviser for the Environment on 24th May 2018
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Blue Belt survey aboard RRS James Clark Ross

March 2018 Blue Belt survey provides vital data for Tristan's marine protection zone plans
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DEFRA Minister briefed on Tristan's Blue Belt Programme

Reception held aboard HMS Belfast on 18th April
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London Blue Belt event aboard the ship CEFAS Endeavour

Tristan’s Blue Belt work showcased to Commonwealth leaders and promoted to UK schools
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Report from Oliver Yates

Senior Cefas Marine Science Advisor visits Tristan da Cunha Islands January-February 2018
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Bluenose survey around Gough Island and McNish seamount

On-going Blue Belt research on MFV Edinburgh
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RRS James Clark Ross Expedition Newsletter

RRS James Clark Ross visited Tristan da Cunha waters 22-31 March 2018
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RRS James Clark Ross visits Tristan

Presentation of Blue Belt research given to island community
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Tristan Blue Belt plans presented to MPs

UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove leads delegation of MPs committed to marine protection
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RRS James Clark Ross helps Tristan's Blue Belt plans

UK marine research ship to carry out Tristan EEZ seamount surveys in March 2018
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Report on Tristan da Cunha Marine Protection Planning Workshop

Blue Belt July 2017 London Workshop Report available to download
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Cefas officer assists Tristan with Blue Belt Work

Update on Oliver Yates' work on Tristan's Blue Belt plans.
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Blue Belt Update

Cefas and MMO team visit Tristan
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Blue Belt Representatives to visit Tristan in January 2018

RMS St Helena's final Tristan voyage brings MMO and Cefas scientists to Tristan
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Creating a Blue Belt around the Tristan da Cunha Islands

Update on progress towards a bespoke marine protection zone by 2020
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Key Stakeholders meet to discuss Tristan's Blue Belt Commitment

Workshop held at the London FCO for Tristan to plan its strategy to protect its marine environment by 2020.
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