Tristan Blue Belt and Gough Restoration plans discussed

Mouse in the House at Parliament OT Environment Meeting

Report and photos from Tristan Government UK Reprensentative Chris Carnegy
Featuring a cameo appearance from a Mouse in the House below!

Meeting delegates gathered in the Jubilee Room

The UK Overseas Territories (OT) Association teamed up with the RSPB to hold a discussion in the Jubilee Room at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 4th March 2020.

Lord John Randall chaired the session, which brought together members of the Commons and Lords with OT representatives and environment charities.

The session underway

The meeting was joined by Lord Zac Goldsmith, the government minister who leads on environmental issues in the territories.

My interventions were focused on the importance of long-term funding and growing conservation capacity within Tristan, which is poised to play a major part in the UK’s ‘Blue Belt’ agenda.

The minister responded positively, saying he’s working to create a special funding stream for the OTs.

Left: Lord Randall (left) and Zac Goldsmith

I also mentioned the work now underway to rid Gough Island of invasive mice - and at that exact moment one of the mice that famously infest Westminster made a perfectly timed appearance in the room!

Timely Parliamentary intervention:
Mouse in the House perhaps?

Right: a mouse gets the red carpet treatment in the Jubilee Room at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 4th March 2020.

The timing of the intervention coincided with those present being briefed on the Gough Island Restoration Project which hopefully will see mice eradicated from the island. Looks like parliament is a long way behind in controlling their own vermin problem!

Sacha Cleminson of RSPB (left)
pictured with Lord Randall

Chris with Stanley Johnson, father of the Prime Minister, who took part in the discussions.