Tristan da Cunha Government News Abroad
2016 news of Tristan government activities in the UK, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Tristan represented at Cayman Islands' UKOT Meetings

Important planning for UKOT trade and Brexit
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Tristan Chief Islander in the UK

Tristan Chief Islander James Glass' further 2019 UK visit highlights
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Tristan represented at US Emergency Planning Workshop

Two-Day sessions for UK Overseas Territories
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Governor-Elect attends Tristan Association Annual Gathering

Welcome liaison with UK- based Association officers and members
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New Chief Islander's London meetings

James Glass' first UK visit on his fourth term as Chief Islander
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Nature links-up the South Atlantic

Tristan represented at March 'Natural Capital' meetings at St Helena
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2019 Tristan Lobster Restaurant Watch

Governor-Elect spots a tempting dish in the French Alps
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Blue Belt talks at London Zoo

Event organised by the Marine Management Organisation
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