Tristan da Cunha Outer Islands
There are four main islands in the group, Tristan da Cunha island, Nightingale (including Middle and Stoltenhoff Islands), Inaccessible Island, and Gough Island

Tristan da Cunha Islands Group Map & Distances

Map to show the Tristan da Cunha Islands Scale - 0 _________________ 10 kms

Island Group Distances:

Tristan - Nightingale: 38 kms(24 miles) from nearest landfall - Cave Point
or 49 kms (31 miles) from Calshot Harbour
Tristan - Inaccessible: 40 kms (25 miles) from nearest landfall - Longbluff
or 48kms (30 miles) from Calshot Harbour
Tristan - Gough: 350 kms (220 miles) south-south-east
Nightingale - Inaccessible: 22 kms (14 miles)