Schedules and fares for the few ships that regularly travel between Cape Town and Tristan da Cunha.

Cape Town - Tristan da Cunha Shipping Schedule

Scheduled ships run from from Cape Town to Tristan da Cunha and return. All vessels but one are provided by the fishing company Ovenstones. Presently the only ship is the fishing vessel MFV Edinburgh (which carries out extended fishing trips to the outer islands of Inaccessible, Nightingale and Gough in the fishing season). A new ship, the MV Lance will commence cargo operations from January 2022. These ships each only carry up to 12 passengers (subject to COVID constraints).

The other ship is the South African Antarctic Research and Supply Vessel SA Agulhas II, which calls at Tristan da Cunha during the outward and return legs of its annual voyage to relieve the metereological station on Gough Island. She carries over 40 passengers to Tristan (42 in 2014).

Ships are booked many months in advance and you are advised to read carefully the 'Passenger Policy' below regarding priorities which may mean that berths may be cancelled at short notice.

Check carefully the visits section to plan your Tristan da Cunha voyage with care!

Find out more about the ships on our separate Ships Page.

Latest Provisional Shipping Schedule

All ships normally carry mail, cargo and passengers. All dates are provisional and to be confirmed.


Agulhas II
Future Voyages
Cape Town
22 Jan 20 Feb 10 Mar 20 Apr 23 May 24 Jun 18 Aug Details will be posted later in 2022 as soon as they have been confirmed.
29 Jan 27 Feb 17 Mar 27 Apr 30 May 01 Jul 23 Aug
06 Feb 08 Apr 25 Mar 05 May 07 Jun 09 Jul 15 Sep
Cape Town
12 Feb 14 Apr 31 Mar 11 May 13 Jun 15 Jul 20 Sep

Important Notes

The current COVID pandemic means that travel dates are more provisional than usual. For the foreseeable future, there will be no passengers other than islanders and those on essential business for the Government of Tristan da Cunha. Note: full COVID vaccination and two weeks' quarantine are required before boarding.

Epic Journey

A journey to Tristan da Cunha is always by ship. The 2810 km or 1750 mile journey from Cape Town harbour will normally take six days.

A landing after the passage depends on the weather, although the Agulhas II normally flies passengers ashore immediately by helicopter, except in severe weather conditions. All dates are provisional.

The Fair Cape: Tristan journeys start and end in the beautiful Table Bay Harbour Cape Town, South Africa. Long awaited: The world's most isolated community regards the arrival of every ship as a special occasion.

Cape Town - Tristan da Cunha Passenger Fares (Subject to confirmation)

SA Agulhas (Updated 28th May 2014)

Single   Return
a. Concession Rate : available to passengers with close family or official links
  Adult : Rand 1200   Rand 2400
  Child (6 - 15 years) Children under 6 free Rand 600   Rand 1200
b. Ordinary Rate
  Adult Rand 4475   Rand 8950
  Child (6 - 15 years) Children under 6 free Rand 2250   Rand 4500

MFV Edinburgh or MV Baltic Trader

a. Concession Rate : Resident Islanders only
  Adult : Medevac US$ 70   US$ 140
  Child : Medevac (2 - 15 years) Children under 2 free US$ 35   US$ 70
  Adult : Other US$ 87.50   US$ 175
  Child (2 - 15 years) Children under 2 free US$ 43.75   US$ 87.50
b. Official Rate : Expatriate temporary residents, and any non-resident with close family or official linksx
  Adult US$ 250   US$ 500
  Child (2 - 15 years) Children under 2 free US$ 125   US$ 250
c. Tourist Rate : Passengers with no family or official links with Tristan da Cunha
  Adult US$ 500   US$ 1000
  Child (2 - 15 years) Children under 2 free US$ 250   US$ 500

Travel Policy: Passenger Priority

Passenger spaces on vessels are limited and are allocated in the following order of priority

1. Medevac
The Chief Medical Officer must give the patient, suffering from serious illness/condition, a formal referral letter to see a consultant overseas
2. Official
The Administrator certifies the need for an official to attend important Island business
3. Private (urgent business)
– Islander & Non Resident Islander
The Administrator recommends that the person attend urgent private business overseas e.g. weddings
4. Medevac
(non priority treatment)
The Chief Medical Officer must give the patient suffering from a less serious illness/condition a formal referral letter to see a consultant overseas
5. Official
(non priority)
The Administrator certifies the need for an official to attend to Island business.
6. Private (non priority travel)
- Resident Islander
7. Private (non priority travel)
– Non Resident Islander
8. Private (non priority travel)
– Visitor
If you are in category 4 to 8 above, you may be required to give up your booking and defer your travel to another sailing for those covered by category 1-3.


  1. All applications to visit Tristan da Cunha should be submitted to the Administrator's Office, and require the prior approval of the Island Council. Subsequent Travel Bookings and requests for concessionary fare rates must also be made via the Administrator's Office. See Arranging a Visit Page
  2. Passenger tickets for SA Agulhas will be issued by Table Bay Marine, Cape Town
  3. Passenger tickets for Edinburgh / Geo Searcher will be issued by Ovenstones, Cape Town or the Factory, Tristan da Cunha
  4. Close family links are understood to refer to a passenger plus spouse and dependants who have parents, grandparents, children, sisters, brothers, aunts or uncles resident on Tristan.
  5. For further information on the ships themselves check out the Scheduled Ships Page