Tristan da Cunha Cruise Ships
Details of cruise ships that regularly or occasionally visit Tristan da Cunha.

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There are a few cruise ships that visit the Tristan da Cunha islands most years, and others that visit from time to time, usually during island hopping voyages betweem the islands of the South Atlantic. They normally visit during the austral summer when the weather is better and there is more chance of seeing Tristan wildlife, especially if the visit is timed to coincide with the breeding seasons. As the harbour is too small for ships to dock, passengers land in boats, although sea conditions may sometimes prevent this. Very large cruise ships tend not to try to land passengers, but islanders will normally come aboard to talk and sell postcards and souvenirs. In any case, the islands and their rugged coasts are sights you will never forget.

Scheduled Cruises calling at Tristan

List updated 19th January 2018


Vessel Departs from Date Est. Dates at Tristan Disembarks at Date Website
MV Seabourn Soujourn Miami, US 04 Jan 1-2 Feb Cape Town, ZA 11 Feb Details
Silver Cloud Ushuaia, AR 28 Feb 13-15 Mar Cape Town, ZA 20 Mar Details
Le Lyrial Ushuaia, AR 03 Mar 16-17 Mar Cape Town, ZA 24 Mar Details
Bark Europa Ushuaia, AR 03 Mar End Mar Cape Town, ZA 23 Apr Details
MV Ocean Adventurer Ushuaia, AR 10 Mar 23-24 Mar Praia, Cape Verde 11 Apr Details
MV Plancius Ushuaia, AR 28 Mar 12-14 Apr Ascension Island 24 Apr Details
Regent Seven Seas Navigator Cape Town, ZA 07 Apr 17 Apr Rio de Janeiro, BR 30 Apr Details


Vessel Departs from Date Est. Dates at Tristan Disembarks at Date Website
Silver Explorer Ushuaia, AR 07 Mar 20-22 Mar Cape Town, ZA 28 Mar Details

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Regular Cruise Ships

Bark Europa

This is a training sailing ship with berths for up to 48 passengers. It calls at Tristan during its 'Cape to Cape' cruise from the tip of South America to Cape Town.


MV Plancius

This converted oceanic research vessel accommodates up to 116 passengers. It offers cruises northwards from the islands of Antarctica to the Cape Verde Islands, calling at Gough Island and Tristan da Cunha.


Silver Explorer

This is a purpose-built luxury expedition cruise ship, accommodating up to 130 passengers. It has cruises from Ushuaia to Cape Town, calling at various South Atlantic islands, including Tristan, Nightingale, and Gough.


RMS St Helena

One of the last Royal Mail Ships, this mixed passenger and goods vessel has space for 156 passengers. It normally plies between Cape Town, St Helena and Ascension, but occasionally organises special cruises that call at Tristan da Cunha. The 'RMS' was due to be decommissioned in 2016 with the opening of the new airport on St Helena, but technical teething troubles with the airport mean that voyages will continue for the time being, and may or may not include visits to Tristan.


Other cruise ships that have visited Tristan da Cunha in the recent past include: MS Bremen, MV Corinthian II, MS Europa, the schooner Gulden Leeuw, MV Hanseatic, MS Island Sky, National Geographic Explorer, MV Ortelius, Prince Albert II, and the QM2