The cruise ship MS Seaventure visited Tristan from the 29th to 31st March 2024

Visit of the Cruise Ship MS Seaventure, March 2024

Report from Kelly Green. Photos individually credited

With the visit of the cruise ship MS Seaventure, we had another successful day of landing passengers and crew although when she initially arrived off the settlement on Friday 29th March 2024, the weather had not been suitable to work the boats.

Seaventure Island in background

The MS Seaventure off Tristan, with Big Point in the background. Photo: Philip Kendall

Saturday 30th March

There was still a swell on the ocean on the Saturday morning and the wind was slightly puffy. However, Conrad Glass was on the radio early in the morning, and the conditions were expected to start looking better towards the afternoon.

Seaventure Gangway ladder Harbour Disembarking
The Seaventure's ladder for disembarkation at sea.
Photo: Philip Kendall
Passengers arriving in Calshot Harbour.
Photo: Kelly Green

At 11:00am the vessel moved closer to the harbour and operations started. The visitors were so happy to be ashore; there were grins from ear to ear! Many of them saying such things as "how fantastic it is to be here" and "I have waited so long to come here".

Volcano hike Climbing

Intrepid Seaventure passengers hike to the summit of the 1961 Volcano. Photo: Andre Repetto

By 2:00pm all passengers had landed and were on their way on the tours. One smaller group headed to the top of the 1961 Volcano, the other went to Park '61, lower on the Volcano, where they could still get stunning views of the settlement.

Volcano hike Crossing American Fence Volcano hike Posed Group
Visitors head across American Fence onto the lava flow of the 1961 Volcano. Photos: Connor Glass-Green

Volcano hike Road over the lava flow

Visitors pause for a photograph near Park '61 on the lava flow. Photo: Connor Glass-Green

It turned out to be a glorious day! And hardly a cloud in the sky, which meant views of the island from the ship were spectacular!

After the Volcano tours were finished, everyone came back to the Post Office and Tourism Centre to enjoy the famous Tristan Lobster. On a day as hot as this a nice cold beer or soft drink went down well too. Later in the afternoon the Edinburgh of the Seven Seas Tour took place. Others enjoyed sitting in garden taking in the breathtaking view and writing post cards to friends and family.

Village Walk

Passengers on their Edinburgh of the Seven Seas village walk. Photo: Kelly Green

Tourism Centre Grounds

Posting post cards and relaxing in the grounds of the Post Office and Tourism Centre. Photo: Kelly Green

Our island Administrator Philip Kendall and his wife Louise are off on leave, and have the privilege of getting to travel on the ship! We hope they enjoy their time off island, and we will be welcoming them back in June.

Seaventure Admin & Chief Islander exchanging plaques on the bridge Harbour Remembarking
The Chief Islander (left), the Admin and his wife exchange plaques with captain. Photo: Philip Kendall Passengers about to leave the harbour after a memorable day. Photo: Kelly Green

The last Zodiac with passengers left at 6:00pm, and not long after that the sun set beautifully behind Inaccessible Island, ending another beautiful day!

Sunday 31st March

The ship remained among the islands on the Sunday, doing zodiacs tours around the coasts of the Nightingale and Inacciessible Islands. As the Seaventure later headed off towards St Helena passengers were treated to a braai on deck with a menu including fresh Tristan Rock Lobster tails.

Inaccessible Zodiac cruise Inaccessible Waterfall
Zodiacs cruising round the coast of Inaccessible Island for close-up views of the wildlife.
Photos: Philip Kendall

Braai Zodiac off Middle/Stoltenhoff Island

A zodiac off Middle Island on the way to Nightingale. Photo: Philip Kendall

Braai Servers Braai Lobster Tails
Passengers enjoy a braai on deck after their zodiac tours, with sumptuous fresh Tristan Rock Lobster tails.
Photos: Philip Kendall

The MS Seaventure has visited Tristan several times before under her former name, MS Bremen.

If you were on the MS Seaventure, we'd welcome your feedback using our Visitors' Feedback Form.