The cruise ship MV Hondius visited Tristan on the 9th to 11th April 2024.

Visit of the MV Hondius, April 2024

Report from Kelly Green with additional photos by Andre Repetto and Michael Bertram.

The MV Hondius's visit to Tristan and its archipelago started on the 9th April 2024. Passengers were able to complete zodiacs tours which were thoroughly enjoyed.

The ship arrived outside the settlement on the 10th April in the afternoon, and zodiacs came ashore to pick up the immigration team.

MV Hondius Offshore

MV Hondius Offshore. Photo: Andre Repetto

The plan was to clear immigration and then head over to Inaccessible island to try and make a landing in the morning of the 11th April. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating and landings were not possible. However the Harbour was looking good on our side so she headed back to Tristan and she was off the settlement at 9:00am.

Landing passengers in Calshot Harbour

Landing passengers in Calshot Harbour. Photo: Andre Repetto

Operations began at 9:30am when passengers started to be ferried ashore.

From the Harbour groups of hikers headed up the 1961 volcano and to the Thatched House Museum. It was a lovely clear day! Others were keen to stretch their legs and went on self-guided tours to the Potato Patches and Holiday Homes. Some also did this tour via taxi.

Passengers gathered at Park '61 on the lava flow

Hikers gathered at Park '61 on the lava flow...

Hikers climbing the 1961 volcano with the Hondius offshore in the background

...and nearing the top of the 1961 volcano with settlement (left) and the Hondius offshore in the background.
Photos: Andre Repetto

At 11:00am there was a tour of St Mary's School after which a presentation was done for the pupils about astronomy by an expert passenger. They were fascinated and very intrigued by all the new wonderful information. Maybe one day one of them will became an astronomer!?

Lunch was served and it was a delicious plate of Lobster Salad, with a slice of lime.

The Factory Manager, Wynand conducted a tour of the fish factory at 1:30pm, which visitors are always so interested in and ask loads of questions.

Lunch: Lobster salad with a slice of lime.

Lunch: Lobster salad with a slice of lime.

At 3:00pm the Tristanian passengers joined the ship. They will be spending some time on St Helena doing training. These passengers were: Jason Green, Natalie Swain & Noah Green, and Vera & Stephanie Glass.

Not only did the MV Hondius kindly take passengers but also a consignment of Tristan potatoes for our friends and families on St Helena. We are so appreciative of this and I'm sure St Helena will be too!

Loads of postcards were bought and written, the most of any other cruise ship this season!

The signs outside the Post Office & Tourism Centre are always popular.

The signs outside the Post Office & Tourism Centre are always popular. Photo: Kelly Green

The wind picked up slightly and guests started to head back to the vessel all thanking us for a brilliant day ashore. All the passengers and crew were so pleasant!

Zodiac taking Tristan potatoes for St Helena back to the Hondius

One of the zodiacs taking Tristan potatoes for St Helena back to the Hondius. Photo: Kelly Green

At around 4:30pm the Acting Administrator, Chief Operations Officer Micheal Bertram was invited to the ship by the Captain for a plaque exchange. He was then asked to join a fabulous reception on deck and he was so appreciative of their kind hospitality. Unfortunately he could not stay on board too late and all operations were over by about 6:00pm!

Acting Administrator Michael Bertram exhanging plaques with the Captain.

Acting Administrator Michael Bertram gives a Tristan plaque to the Captain. Photo: Michael Bertram

We could hear the laughter and music from the vessel as they enjoyed a barbecue and disco into the evening. It's always so beautiful to see ships lit up on the calm South Atlantic Ocean.

And just like that the cruise season has now ended. It has been a great one and hope next year will be even better.

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