There are no hotels on Tristan, but there are several guest houses, and you could also arrange to stay with an island family. For a unique experience, stay overnight in the Thatched House Musuem.

Tristan House in Cape Town

The Tristan da Cunha Government owns and manages its own house in Cape Town which has a variety of self catering accommodation.

Email all booking enquiries to: so that you can receive options and make a booking.

Self Catering prices:
Resident Tristan Islanders: - £7.50 per person per night (£10 during December - January Holidays)
Non-Resident Tristan Islanders: - £20 per person per night
Others: - £30 per person per night (£40 during December - January Holidays)

Edinburgh of the Seven Seas Tristan da Cunha

Welcomes Visitors

to its homes

Edinburgh is a small village, home to some seventy families who are all farmers, grazing their animals on communal pastures and cultivating crops, especially potatoes in walled patches using only hand tools. As a visitor you can become part of this traditional community by renting a guest house (catered or self-catering) or by staying in homes on a full board basis.

Home Stays

Prices from 13th Octber 2017

Full board accommodation is available in island homes at an inclusive rate of £50 per person per night including bed, three meals the following day, and laundry. Meal prices for additional part days are: £5.00 per head for breakfast and lunch and £ 10.00 for a supper. Child under 12 years £ 25.00 Under 2 years £5.00. Children's additional meals half price.

Please note that 75% of the charge is paid to the island family and 25% to the Government.

Guest Houses

There is a range of Government and private accommodation on Tristan. There are eleven Guest Houses available to rent on a catered or self-catered basis.

Catered prices are in line with full board home stays, and self-catered prices are £25 per person per night plus gas and electricity charges. Child under 12 years £ 12.50 Under 2 years £ 2.50

For privately owned guest house charges 75% of the charge is paid to the island family and 25% to the Government.

Please note the Island's Government allots visitors to appropriate guest houses to ensure fairness.

The Tristan Thatched House Museum is also available for one-night stays, catered only - see below.

Tristan da Cunha Guest Houses


Traditional Thatched House Museum

The Tristan Tourism Department has made this unique property available for overnight stays. Situated in isolation beyond the Big Watron, the accommodation offers a special experience for those determined for something special.

Thatched Tristan House is only available for a single night at £100.00 for up to two people to stay. Included in the price are tea, coffee, milk, sugar, candles, sleeping bags and a traditional Tristan cooked meal prepared by islanders and brought to the house at lunch time.

See also the separate pages:

About the Thatched House

Building the Thatched House

Thatched House Opening

Thatched House News

to find out more

William Glass Guest House

William Glass Guest House

This spacious insulated wooden bungalow, and the first privately owned guest house, is situated in the middle of Station Lane. It comprises of 4 bedrooms (two single and two double); bathroom with bath, shower and toilet; a separate toilet; kitchen with separate laundry; and a large lounge.

Outside there is a very private enclosed garden with a BBQ area. All amenities, tourism, post office, internet café, supermarket, and harbour are within and a three minutes walk.

William Glass Guest House - lounge 1 William Glass Guest House - sign William Glass Guest House - lounge 2
William Glass Guest House - bedroom 1 William Glass Guest House - bedroom 2 William Glass Guest House - bedroom 3
Images of the William Glass Guest House
William Glass Guest House - hallway William Glass Guest House - laundry William Glass Guest House - toilet
William Glass Guest House - kitchen William Glass Guest House - bath shower William Glass Guest House - study

Rockhopper Cottage


3 Bedrooms

Owners: John and Debbie Elsmore

Images of

Rockhopper Cottage

Gaetano Lodge


3 bedrooms (a double bed in each room).
a lounge, kitchen and open plan dining room.

Mabel Clark Guest House

Comprises :

3 double bedrooms, 2 single bedrooms.

1 single bed with adjoining shower and toilet.

1 bathroom. 1 kitchen. Open plan lounge and diner area.

Owned by Karl and Julia Hagan

Images of the
Mabel Clark Guest House

Sea View Lodge

Comprises :

2 Bedrooms (1 double and one with two single beds),
lounge and open plan kitchen / diner.

Owned by Lorna Lavarello-Smith and Paul Repetto

Views of Sea View Lodge

Government Bungalow


2 Bedrooms.

Bungalow Italia


Open plan kitchen/dining/lounge area, two bedrooms,
bathroom including toilet, shower and bath.

Situated in the east side of the village.

Owned by Andrea and Lorraine Repetto

Images showing Bungalow Italia

Traveller's Lodge Guest House

Mountain Lodge Guest House


Open plan kitchen/dining/lounge area,
two bedrooms (1 double and 1 single room),
bathroom including toilet, shower and bath.

Situated in the most eastern part of the Settlement with a perfect view that over looks the village.

Owned by Simon and Natasha Glass

Images of Mountain Lodge Guest House

Iris and Martin Green's Guest House

The guest house comprises an open plan kitchen,
double bedroom & bathroom en-suite.
Outside is a covered veranda.

The guest house is situated at the east end of the village with views of the sea.

Images of the guest house

Fair View Guest House

This property comprises of a sunny open plan kitchen with sea views and living room with indoor bbq, a spacious shower room and double bedroom (two singles or one double bed depending on guests) with mountain views.

Fair View also benefits from an enclosed garden with bbq.

Owned by Robin and Dawn Repetto


Islanders have huts (though many at The Patches are more like Guest Houses) around Tristan (at The Patches, The Caves, Stony Beach and Sandy Point) and on Nightingale Island. These can occasionally be used for overnight stays by visitors by special arrangement with owners during longer stays when expeditions may be organised.

Booking Accommodation

All booking enquiries should be made by email to the Secretary to the Administrator who will advise options available during your stay and arrange a booking.


Tristan is a tiny community of under 300 islanders. Visitors are most welcome, indeed the hospitality of Tristan people is famous. Occasionally trust can be abused and islanders may well be shy and resentful to visitors who approach with a camera raised and whose purpose may appear to be to report to the outside world with very limited knowledge.

Please note that whilst every effort has been made to make information of these pages accurate, the Government of Tristan da Cunha reserves the right to change local by-laws and charges.

Visitors should check firm prices at the time of booking.