Tristan da Cunha Thatched House Museum
The Museum is a traditional Tristan cottage newly built from volcanic rock and thatched with New Zealand flax, It was opened in 2012 and is available for overnight stays. / thatchedhousenews
Tristan Thatched House News
Introducing the Thatched House Museum's new Curator Shirley Squibb



Shirley is the latest member of staff to be recruited to work in the Post Office and Tourism Centre.

Shirley is shown here in traditional dress to add an authentic atmosphere when she opens the Museum to visitors.

Photos from Tina Glass show, above, the new sign and views of the museum, and below Shirley shows visitors around the house in style.




Traditional Thatched House Museum
available for special one-night stays including a traditional Tristan evening meal from September 2013
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Tristan Traditional Thatched House Museum
This page features the further work and the first visits to the museum in 2013
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Further work to improve the Thatched House Museum in January 2013
Photos from Tina Glass
taken on 31st January 2013
Traditional chimney stone
and the dramatic rocky backdrop
Smart new front path complete
A corner cupboard
A drainage ditch dug behind
Eric Glass paints a knife box as Donald Hagan (left) and Anthony Rogers (right) look on

Right: Joseph Green crafts
a 'chowder stick' on a lathe

This utensil was used to mash food items
and we look forward to a photo of a demonstration before long!

Right: Cutlery box installed next to the wooden mantle shelf on 4th February

One of the first groups to visit the Thatched House Museum were from the German research vessel RS Maria S. Merian made a successful visit on 9th January The photos from Wolfram Geissler show Dawn with the German guests at the museum that day.


Tristan's oldest resident
Granny Ellen
inspects the new
Traditional Thatched House


Lorraine Repetto
took 94 year old Granny Ellen
to visit the splendid new
Traditional Thatched House
on 13th February

Ellen (Helen) gave a wonderful tribute to the authenticity of the new building when she said "my house was painted just like this when my daughter Catherine was 21".

Catherine was 21 in 1960
and Ellen born in 1918.

Building a Toilet in February - March 2013
Photos from Dawn Repetto
General view looking west from the
1961 lava flow with the thatched house
in the centre on 17th February
Side walls go in
27th February
The toilet back wall takes shape
The roof and door frame go on the new toilet built on the east side of the new traditional thatched house
Readers will be intrigued by future plumbing and sewage arrangements to be installed later!

Bobby's Visit

88 year old Bertha (Bobby) Glass
really enjoyed herself on her visit to the TDC house on 3rd March. She sat in the
chair and enjoyed the view looking out over the mission gardens and
volcano and out to sea.

Photos and Report
from Tina Glass
Bertha with Tristan Glass & Ryan Swain
Bertha in the new thatched cottage

More work on the outside toilet
Photos from Dawn Repetto of the famous Tristan pensioners lugging a boulder or two on 13th March 2013

More Thatched House Progress
Dawn Repetto visited the Thatched House Museum on 13th March and took these photos showing:
Left: New gate at the entrance to the outside toilet ~ Centre - A new traditional 'washing stone' which used to be at a gable end (usually east as here to be sheltered from the prevailing winds) to be able to scrub washing before machines arrived ~
Right: A view of the washing stone and outside toilet enclosure.
Thatching the Traditional Thatched House Toilet
Just the place for a leak perhaps?
Photos taken on 5th April 2013 by Tina Glass

Cruise Ship Visitors

Passengers from MV Plancius
enjoyed a visit to the
Thatched House Museum
on 16th April 2013

Photos from Tina Glass

Thatched House Museum Toilet Completed
Pictures from Tina Glass
Images taken on 26th April of the traditional thatched toilet with a modern WC
Loo with a view !
Making the roof fit for winter
Tina Glass' six photographs taken on 4th May 2013 show the men checking the roof ridge
to ensure the turf is secure enough to withstand the Thatched House Museum's first Tristan winter.