The MFV Edinburgh departed Tristan on the 1st May 2024.

MFV Edinburgh's April-May 2024 Voyage

Reports from Cynthia Green

Departure from Tristan

Passengers went on board the MFV Edinburgh just after 9:00am on the 1st May 2024, and she departed at 10:30am.

Passengers are: Islanders: James & Felicity Glass, and Rita & Gary Repetto. Non-Islanders: Tracey Price (Social Worker), Peter Foster (Head Teacher), Wynand Van Vuuren & Yolanda Sebitloane (Factory Manager & partner), Dr. Tinashe Muvezwa (Doctor), Emil Pirzenthal (Biologist), and Marco Geldenhuys (Scania Technician).

MFV Edinburgh, March 2024

The MFV Edinburgh pictured near Tristan on the 2nd March 2024. Photo: Philip Kendall

Arrival at Tristan

The MFV Edinburgh arrived at Tristan at 10:00am on Wednesday 24th April 2024 and passengers came ashore shortly afterwards.

The passengers were: Islanders: Darren & Miranda Repetto, and Philip Rogers, Rhyanna & Jayden Swain; Non-islanders: Dr. Silvo Morales Perez (Doctor); Fouche Conradie, Anushka, Rishka & Charles Hahn (Ovenstone Technical Manager and family), Marco Geldenhuys (Scania Technician), and Richard Noble (Ovenstone Electrician).

In addition to the passengers, four crew members from the Edinburgh came ashore after off-loading was completed, to assist with work at the factory and return on the Lance in July. They were: David Jermia, Clinton October, Moses Paulus, and Xolani Matthews.

Departure from Cape Town

The MFV Edinburgh departed Cape Town shortly about 01:00am on Thursday 18th April 2024.