Tristan island is an active volcano, although eruptions are mercifully rare. There are occasional earthquakes and rockfalls. The weather and sea conditions can be very stormy.

Guide to Restless Earth Pages

A developing section devoted to Tristan's Physical Geography

If you thought Tristan da Cunha

  • was on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
  • is an extinct or dormant volcano
  • is in the Roaring Forties
  • or has a polar climate

you are wrong...

but this developing section will put you right!

  • The Tristan Volcano - Background to the active Tristan da Cunha volcanic island
  • Volcanic Eruptions - Details of Tristan's Volcanic Events [To be Developed]
  • Landslides - Reports of mass movement in the form of landslides
  • Tristan's Landscape - Characteristics of Tristan's natural regions [To be Developed]
  • Nightingale Island - Guide to Nightingale Island
  • Inaccessible Island - Guide to Inaccessible Island
  • Gough Island - Guide to Gough Island
  • Earthquake News - Reports of the latest South Atlantic Earthquakes
  • Disaster Planning - Tristan's Disaster Planning
  • Monitoring Stations - Tristan's Scientific Monitoring Stations
  • Weather and Climate - The Tristan Islands' Restless Atmosphere [To be Developed]
  • Storm News - Tristan Storm Reports
  • 2001 Hurricane - Report of the 2001 Tristan Hurricane