News of storms and other notable weather phenomena that have hit Tristan, including the damage caused and subsequent repairs.

Progress Report on Storm Damage at St Mary's School, March 2020

Photo report on the state of the school in January 2020, with an update on the situation in March.
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Drone Footage of the Damage Caused by the July 2019 Storm

Filmed by Robin Repetto

The knocking out of normal communications by the July 2019 storm, and Tristan's limited internet bandwidth once communications were restored meant that only still photographs of the damage could be sent to the outside world. However, these pictures played a key role in assessing the damage and mustering outside help.

With Robin currently off the island with better internet access, he has been able to upload the following 10 minute drone footage of the aftermath to his Youtube channel. It illustrates even more vividly the extent of the damage caused by the storm. Bear in mind that this only shows the external damage. The damaged buildings were also wrecked internally to a lesser or greater extent.

At the time of posting (March 2020), repairs to the school were still taking place, and the Tristan da Cunha Association was supporting the restoration of the school through its Emergency Fund Appeal.

Successful re-roofing after November 2019 Storm

Report and photos from Tristan Administrator Sean Burns
on Tuesday 5th November 2019

We had excellent weather today. No wind and no rain. The team started at 06:30, worked non stop all day and roofs were finished by 16:00. The Administration, IT and Police Station buildings are secure and watertight.

This has obviously been a setback to the post July storm repairs but we are confident we can get things back on track.

A fantastic effort from all. Many thanks.

Work underway on the Administration Building at 9.20am

Roofing teams at work on Police Buiding (right) and Administration Building (left) at 11.15am

Progress on the Police Building roof at 11.30am

Administration Building roofing progress at 11.30am with
four men standing on the roof of the Internet Cafe.

View of both re-roofing jobsat 11.45 am

Almost finished - the view of the Administration Building and Police Station at 1.30pm.
The Administration Building (usually just called the Admin Building or even New Building by some)
was once referred to as 'Whitehall' - it certainly now fits that Tristan Government's HQ knickname.

Sean and Marina Burns treated the roofing teams to celebratory refreshments
in The Residency garden after their splendid work.
Note the far left grey roofing panel which replaced a red panel blown off during the July 2019 storm
which had a wider impact on the island.

November 2019 Storm Photo Report

Communications restored as community again this year makes urgent storm repairs
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Storm Damage Update on 4th November 2019

Brief report on progress with repairs and communications.
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Another Damaging Storm Hits Tristan

The island was hit by another storm on 2nd/3rd November 2019, but slightly less damaging than the July 2019 storm.
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Update on storm damage repairs, 16th October 2019

Work continues to repair and re-equip key damaged buildings
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Update as Storm Relief Voyage Team gets to work

Survey of damage and repair work from Tristan Administrator
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Emergency Fund Appeal, including JustGiving

The Tristan da Cunha Association has launched an Emergency Fund aiming to raise £25,000 in donations towards the restoration of the island following the damaging storm of July 2019.
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