The island was hit by another storm on 2nd/3rd November 2019, but slightly less damaging than the July 2019 storm.

Another Damaging Storm Hits Tristan

Tristan da Cunha CrestAnnouncement from Administrator Sean Burns, via UK Representative Chris Carnegy

In a satellite phone call to UK Representative Chris Carnegy today (3rd November 2019), Administrator Sean Burns reports that the island was hit last night by another damaging storm. This was very much like the July event in terms of wind speed/direction and with similar, but slightly smaller, consequences.

No one is hurt.

One islander's home has roof damage. Neighbours are helping with repairs.

Public buildings are again affected: the Administration and Police buildings, where July repairs had been nearing completion, are hit. Thankfully the Post Office and Tourism Centre escaped damage.

An all-hands day will be held tomorrow (Monday) to start tackling the damage.

Comminications are out of action; the only link is via satellite phone.

The Governor has been informed.

Governor Philip Rushbrook adds:

The Governor’s Office will maintain contact with Sean Burns and advise if any new problems arise. Whilst this is a step back my hope is it can be remedied quickly with the materials and people on island.