Communications restored as community again this year makes urgent storm repairs

November 2019 Storm Photo Report

Report and photos from Tristan Administrator Sean Burns

The storm started with heavy rain during the afternoon of Saturday 2nd November. Leaks were discovered in the Internet Cafe and Communications Building and phone links were lost. As a precaution to prevent damage internet links were switched off. The south-easterly storm continued to produce short squalls of severe hurricane-force winds which occurred through the evening and night. These caused structural damage to a line of buildings on slightly raised ground towards the west of the village, repeating severe damage to the Police and Administration Buildings that occurred in July 2019.

Photos taken on Sunday 3rd November

This large container was again blow over a low lava block wall to block a village road as it was in July 2019.
The buiding left will become a cement store and was prepared for re-roofing following severe damage in July.
It suffered no further significant damage in November.

The recently laid roof of the Administation Building was (almost) completely
ripped away by the storm overnight on 2nd/3rd November.

Another view of the de-roofed Administration Building
and showing the damaged Police Building beyond (see below)

Damage to the Post Office and Tourism Building was minor and mainly limited
to the east gable end seen here being repaired on Sunday 3rd November.

Work was underway at first light to repair the storm-damaged falt-roof front of
this island house, situated south of the Administration Building.

Photos taken on Monday 4th November

IT Team of Nicky Swain, Simon Glass and Leo Glass get the island back on-line during the afternoon of 4th November.
Communications equipment was switched off as a precaution when the room housing it began to leak,
and it was protected with plastic sheeting. Now repairs have been made the team are shown pleased with their prompt work.

Photos above and below show the exposed Administration Building being made
ready for extensive roofing work planned for Tuesday 5th November.

The Police Building was again severly damaged, with considerable sections of
the newly laid roof being removed by the 2nd/3rd November storm.

We plan to publish updates as further news emerges and photos are taken.