The Tristan da Cunha Association has launched an Emergency Fund aiming to raise £25,000 in donations towards the restoration of the island following the damaging storm of July 2019.

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Emergency Fund Appeal, including JustGiving


Tristan da Cunha experienced a hurricane force storm on the night of the 18th/19th July 2019 which caused extensive damage in the settlement and elsewhere. The fishing factory that underpins Tristan's economy, and key government buildings were devastated, as were the school, the crèche, and the Post Office and Tourism Centre (which holds the island's museum and archives). Thankfully, there was minimal damage to private homes and no one was injured.

The Emergency Fund

The UK Government and the factory owners, Ovenstones, are organising and funding emergency repairs, but more resources will be required for the longer term recovery. The Tristan da Cunha Association has therefore launched an Emergency Fund to support the restoration.

Target: GB£25,000

The money raised is being used for relief purposes in response to requests from the island or chosen in close consultation with our island colleagues.

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Roof of St Mary's School damaged by the storm of July 2019

The roof of St Mary's School. Just one of the buldings badly damaged by the storm of July 2019

See our Storm of July 2019 page for the full story and emerging news.

October 2019 Update

When we first set up the fund, the detailed needs of the island were still being assessed, and we set a high initial target. Thankfully, the UK Government has provided funding for most essential repairs and restoration, and the need for additional relief has therefore been very much reduced. The Tristan Association has accordingly revised its target for the Emergency Fund down to £25,000, of which we aim to raise £10,000 through JustGiving.

The Emergency Fund made £10,000 available to the School in October 2019 to help it get back to normal. We anticipate providing more funds to help buy books, equipment and supplies for the school, and to help with the restoration of the museum and archives, which are vital repositories of Tristan's heritage. These aims may change as needs are better identified.

February 2021 Update

Following the completion of the principle repairs, the school was reoccupied on the 6th July 2020, almost a year after the school was damaged by the storm. See our report on the move back. The Association has therefore now closed its emergency appeal.