Review of the March 2019 expedition's work towards Blue Belt plans

RRS Discovery's Tristan cruise ends

Report and photos from Tristan Administrator Sean Burns

RRS Discovery returned to Tristan da Cunha on Saturday 30th March 2019 for a busy day briefing the island community on its work.

RRS Discovery at Tristan on 30th March 2019 with Hottentot Point left and Inaccessible Island behind.

On the bridge of RRS Discovery

RRS Discovery's Master, Captain Stewart Mackay
swapping crests with Sean Burns
Sean Burns and Stewart Mackay flanked by Professor Martin Collins (right) and Dr Simon Morley (left).

Marina Burns shown around one of RRS Discovery's scientific labs. by Martin Collins and Simon Morley.

Martin Collins and Simon Morley continue to show Marina equipment on the main deck of RRS Discovery.

Photos above and below show Simon Morley and Martin Collins making a presentation about
the work of the RRS Discovery Expedition to the Tristan community in the Post Office and Tourism Centre
during the afternoon of Saturday 30th March.


RRS Discovery preparing to leave Tristan for St Helena