News of Tristan da Cunha's wildlife and its conservation.

Tristan has special place in Overseas Territories Annual Council

Report featuring key references from UK leaders
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RSPB announce programme to go ahead in 2021

Long-awaited project to eliminate seabird-eating invasive mice ready to go.
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King Birds Breeding at The Potato Patches

Antarctic Terns are once again breeding at the Patches in 2020.
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Tristan's Marine Protection Zone Announced

Creation of the Atlantic Ocean's largest conservation area
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Chief Islander reports on Tristan's Marine Protection Zone

James Glass heralds 4 million square kilometre Blue Belt
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Gough Island focus in Island Restoration News

October 2020 magazine available for download
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Tristan takes part in UKOT environment briefing

Shadow ministers briefed on conservation matters
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RSPB Team depart Gough Island

Biologists report on their work on the World Heritage island
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Stamp issue: Vagrant Species Part 2

Stamps showing some of the non-native species that occasionally turn up on Tristan's islands.
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Gough Restoration Project to resume in 2021

Announcement from RSPB
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Kelp Gull Sighted near the Harbour

Vagrant bird probably a long-distance arrival from South America
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World Albatross Day 2020 at St Mary's School

The Conservation Department celebrate World Albatross Day 2020 with the children at St Mary’s School.
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Post Office Celebrates World Albatross Day

The Post Office has created a poster of all the albatross stamps it has issued, to mark World Albatross Day.
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Fur Seal Pups seen at Pigbite

Rachel Green photographed some seal pubs at Pigbite on the 1st June 2020.
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World Oceans Day Tristan Blue Belt Update

The Blue Belt Programme's annual report shows Tristan at forefront of marine conservation.
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Northern Rockhopper Penguin wins Seabird World Cup 2020

Seabird World Cup 2020 - Rockhopper Penguin
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Gough project team members return home by sea and air

Tricky return journeys via Ascension Island and Cape Town
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Gough Restoration Project postponed due to coronavirus fears

Embryo team on Gough to return later in the year
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Gough Restoration Project Update

Project team starts work
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Gough Restoration Team arrives at the island

Yacht Evohe trip gets the 2020 project properly underway
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Mouse in the House at Parliament OT Environment Meeting

Tristan Blue Belt and Gough Restoration plans discussed
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Stamp issue: 25th Anniversary of UNESCO World Heritage Site

Stamps marking the 25th anniversary of Gough and Inaccessible Islands being inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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Biosecurity Measures for Visiting Vessels

Compulsory regulations to protect native species
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Tristan boys attempt daring rescue of beached Killer Whale Calf

First known sighting for Tristan
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Page Updated: ATBA: Areas To Be Avoided in Tristan Waters

Instructions to all shipping to avoid sailing near land
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