The Gough Restoration Programme aims to eradicate the invasive mice on Gough Island that are predating albatross and other wild bird chicks.

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RSPB logo The RSPB and Tristan Government are undertaking an ambitious programme of conservation action to restore Gough Island by eradicating the invasive non-native mice that are killing the island's unique seabirds. Tristan da Cunha flag

2022 Annual Gathering

Report on the 2022 Annual Gathering in Southampton, where members socialised, watched films, and visited stalls. Andrew Callender gave a talk on the Gough Island Restoration Programme 2021.
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SA Agulhas II touches at Tristan, 13th August 2021

The SA Agulhas II called at Tristan during a voyage from Gough Island to Cape Town, to drop off and pick up islanders.
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SA Agulhas II arrives at Gough as project starts in earnest

Report and images from RSPB's Antje Steinfurth and Sophie Thomas

SA Agulhas II arriving at Gough Island on 3rd June 2021

SA Agulhas II arrived at Gough Island on 3rd June 2021 to herald the most crucial phase of the £9 million RSPB-organised Gough Restoration Project.

The vessel carried four helicopters that were deployed to transfer the incoming team, equipment and supplies ashore. This included specialist bait produced in New Zealand that will be distributed by helicopter across all of the island's surface to attract and eliminate invasive house mice that have caused havoc to the native fauna by predating on breeding sea and land birds and their eggs.

Stores being lifted onto SA Agulhas II's helideck on 3rd June

A temporary helihanger has been constructed on the island in order to be able to service the helicopters as well as temporary helipads for the planned flights. The Agulhas II will return to Cape Town as soon as unloading has been completed and will return later in the year, probably during August, to collect the team on completion of the work.

The team aims to set up a small camp at the north of the island and will be paying careful attention to the weather and forecasts that will determine when flights can take place during the southern winter months.

One of the four helicopters flying towards the Gough Base helipad on 3rd June 2021.

SA Agulhas II sails for Gough

Mouse eradication project set to move to final phase
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Tragic scene on Gough Island as adult albatross killed by mice

2021 mice eradication project's importance brought into focus
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SV Urchin Returns from Gough Island

The yacht SV Urchin stopped at Tristan on 27th March 2021 on its way back home from Gough Island.
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Yacht SV Urchin Calls at Tristan on the Way to Gough Island

The yacht SV Urchin stopped at Tristan on the 19th March 2021 to pick up islanders for the Gough Restoration Programme.
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Second Restoration Team Sails to Gough Island

The yacht Pelagic Australis has delivered second Gough Restoration Programme team from Cape Town to Gough Island.
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Gough Restoration Programme 2021 Start

The postponed restoration programme has resumed in 2021 with the first team members arriving at Gough Island.
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RSPB announce programme to go ahead in 2021

Long-awaited project to eliminate seabird-eating invasive mice ready to go.
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Gough Island focus in Island Restoration News

October 2020 magazine available for download
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RSPB Team depart Gough Island

Biologists report on their work on the World Heritage island
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2020 SA Agulhas II Voyage

The SA Agulhas II returned to Tristan on the 11th October 2020 to pick up passengers during return leg of its annual relief voyage to Gough Island.
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Gough Restoration Project to resume in 2021

Announcement from RSPB
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Gough project team members return home by sea and air

Tricky return journeys via Ascension Island and Cape Town
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Gough Restoration Project postponed due to coronavirus fears

Embryo team on Gough to return later in the year
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Gough Restoration Project Update

Project team starts work
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Gough Restoration Team arrives at the island

Yacht Evohe trip gets the 2020 project properly underway
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FOTBOT raises money for Gough Island Restoration

Friends of the British Overseas Territories' main 2019/2020 fundraising campaign
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2020 Gough Project in the Spotlight

RSPB event showcases Gough Island mice eradication plan
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Gough Island Restoration Programme Update

July 2019 Newsletter available for download
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First evidence of mouse attacks on Gough adult albatrosses

Paper published following 2018 fieldwork
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Two million seabirds killed annually by mice on Gough Island

2018 research provides further evidence to support Gough Restoration Programme
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Web Pages Launched for the Gough Island Restoration Programme

The RSPB recently launched a website outlining its role in the Gough Island Restoration Programme.
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Gough Island Mice Eradication Project to take place in 2020

Tristan Government and RSPB agree a one year delay to properly organise major conservation project
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2019 Gough Island mouse eradication project announced

Major conservation effort seeks to protect endangered land and sea birds on the World Heritage Site
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