The RSPB recently launched a website outlining its role in the Gough Island Restoration Programme.

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Web Pages Launched for the Gough Island Restoration Programme

There have already been a number of exciting developments this year in the project to eradicate invasive mice from Gough, including the launch of two web resources. Firstly, on this website, we have added a new section for the programme at:, which will bring together all the news and announcements from the project as we work towards the eradication.

Additionally, the RSPB has launched its Gough Island website: This includes photographs of Gough Island birdlife, and blogs from the Overwintering Teams spending a year on the island.

Screen shot of the RSPB web page for the Gough Island Restoration Programme

Screen shot of the RSPB's website for the Gough Island Restoration Programme

The RSPB site also has links to project documents, and an option to sign up for the e-newsletter 'Island Restoration News'. The latest newsletters can be downloaded from:

Coming soon will be an introduction to the RSPB’s new Gough Island team that is driving the project forwards.