Minister updated on island's wide conservation agenda

DEFRA meeting highlights Tristan's conservation matters

Report and photo from Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy

A meeting with UK environment minister Trudy Harrison brought a chance to outline Tristan da Cunha’s conservation challenges and successes.


The briefing, focusing on Tristan and just three other Territories, was held on 13th September 2023 at the London headquarters of the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs.


I updated the minister on Tristan’s efforts to tackle invasive species, and the unique way the islands have combined a sustainable fishing industry with participation in the ‘Blue Belt’ ocean conservation scheme. I also stressed that we always want the UK‘s support to focus on building capacity on the island.


Tristan da Cunha is a precious hotspot of marine and terrestrial biodiversity, and the event was a useful chance to showcase this.


The photo shows Chris and the minister at DEFRA HQ in London on 13th September.