Obituary for Tristan da Cunha islander Barney Swain, who passed away 9th December 2019, aged 70.

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Obituary for Barney Swain

Barney SwainBy Emma Swain

Barney Terence Swain passed away on 9th December 2019 aged 70. Barney was the only child of Leslie and Doris Swain (née Lavarello) and was born on 9th October 1949. Barney was married to the late Frances Swain (nee Green) and they had three children.

Barney was evacuated to the UK in 1961 along with the other islanders after the volcano erupted and told many stories of his time in the UK. After returning to Tristan he worked in the fishing factory and was skilled in electrical and refrigeration work. Like many island men, Barney loved the sea and was always willing to go as a boat crew member when needed. He was coxswain of the fishing company barge ferrying passengers and cargo to and from visiting ships. After retiring from the factory Barney helped out on fishing days as coxswain of the Sea Spray ferrying lobster from the fishing boats back to the harbour. Barney was also coxswain of the longboat Lorna and enjoyed many trips to Nightingale Island over the years, never passing on the opportunity to once again make the trip across to the island. Barney enjoyed spending time with his children and grandchildren, and when he was able he enjoyed walks to the mountain, Caves, Stoney Beach and Sandy Point. Barney will be remembered for his willingness to help others, love of music and dancing and kindness to everyone. He is greatly missed by his sons Adrian and Nicholas, daughters-in-law Samantha and Emma and grandchildren Ryan, Lucas, April and Tyler.