Photographs of Leanne Swain's 21st Birthday celebrations.

Leanne Swain's 21st Birthday

Photos from Dawn Repetto

Leanne Swain's 21st birthday was on 29th April 2019 but her birthday party
was held at her home on the 31st May.

Leanne Swain with her family at her 21st birthday party.

Leanne with her family (L-R): Sasha, Steve, Leanne, Lillie and Cliff Swain

Leanne Swain with her grandmother Nora Swain at her 21st birthday party. Leanne Swain with her boyfriend Julian Repetto at her 21st birthday party.
Leanne with her Grandmother Nora Swain Leanne and boyfriend Julian Repetto

Leanne Swain with her godchildren at her 21st birthday party. 

Leanne with her godchildren (L-R): Sophie, April and Kaleigh Swain, Hannah Green and Owen Glass

Leanne Swain with her godparents at her 21st birthday party

Leanne with her godparents (L-R): Back: Grant Green, Ricky Swain, Desmond Green, Larry Swain, Debbie Swain and Samatha Swain. Middle: Dilys and Teresa Green, Leanne, Alison and Maria Swain. Front: Ivan Green