Reports of visits by cruise ships to Tristan da Cunha during the 2009/2010 season.
Professor Molchanov's final visit

Regular cruise ship visitor Professor Molchanov made what is believed to be her last visit to Tristan da Cunha 9-11 April 2010. Arriving in bad weather on Friday 9t, it wasn't until Sunday 11th that the harbour could be used, but in weather that prevented any passengers landing. This was the final cruise ship visit of a most disappointing 2009-10 summer season

The Professor was photographed right on 10th April by David Morley.
Tourism Coordinator Dawn Repetto reports on the visit of the cruise ship Professor Molchanov

The Molchanov was due to arrive here on Friday 9th April. Unfortunately weather predictions did not look good so she slowly cruised up from Gough and arrived here late afternoon.  Indeed weather was miserable Friday and Saturday and we all waited in deep anticipation that Sunday would bring  a better day.

Sunday morning arrived and although weather had calmed and the harbour was like a lake, there was still a strong wind blowing causing quite a heavy swell beside the ship.  The Captain and Expedition leader decided it was not suitable to land passengers so we decided to see if we could get our passenger Sue Scott, Immigration and Posts and Handicrafts aboard.  The Search and Rescue Rib was taken to the harbour and all parties were taken aboard.  A pilot ladder had to be used as weather was not suitable for the gangway. 

The party stayed aboard for half a day and passengers were so pleased to be able to buy a souvenir from Tristan, the most popular item being the knitted penguins.  The party left the ship at 1.30 pm bringing lots of postcards to be posted and the Professor Molchanov departed to do a cruise of the outer islands before leaving for St Helena.

This is our last Cruise Ship until the Bremen in December.  The Concordia was also due to visit us but unfortunately she sank of the
coast of Brazil.  All on Tristan were saddened by this news but were glad there was no loss of life.  Our sincerest wishes go out to the ship's company.  We hope next year will bring more cruise ships, calmer seas and sunny skies.

Visit of MV Corinthian II 11th and 12th March 2010

The 4280 tonne Nobel Caledonia expedition cruise ship Corinthian II arrived early on
Thursday 11th March 2010 in lovely weather, but the wind then picked up
so island guides boarded the ship which went on to Nightingale Island.

Education Adviser Jim Kerr gave an illustrated talk aboard the ship during the voyage to the outer islands.

The ship has a compliment of 75 European officers and crew, is 297 feet long, has an ice-strengthened hull and a fleet of zodiacs to land passengers.

Corinthian returned to Tristan on Friday morning
and weather and sea conditions were wonderfully calm.  Passengers
landed at 8am that morning and Tourism Coordinator Dawn Repetto, Donna and four local guides
were at the harbour to greet them.  After all passengers had landed
they were arranged into four groups with guides for a cultural tour
around the village. 

This tour finished at the
newly built Post Office
and Tourism Centre
where everyone bought
stamps and souvenirs and
feasted on lobster sandwiches and bottled Tristan water.

After a rest
and light refreshments half of the passengers went on a guided tour to
the patches by bus and half went
on a trip to the 1961 Volcanic cone and lava flow. 

Dawn even arranged for four passengers to view the Rockhopper Penguins at Jews
Point by zodiac.

Unfortunately at 12.30pm the passengers had to start
the embarking process as the ship wanted leave by 1pm. 

Thanks to Dawn Repetto for the report and to David Morley, Sue Scott and Carel van der Merwe for the images of the visit.

MV Corinthian II arrives off the Tristan harbour on 11th March
(Sue Scott)

The ship was built in 1992, refurbished in 2005 and carries up to 114 guests in 57 suites
(Sue Scott)

Jean Swain (right) and Rosemary Glass waiting for customers in the new coffee shop selling bottled Tristan water, lobster sandwiches, quiche, home made fudge, flapjacks and crisps.
(David Morley)

MV Corinthian II anchored off the 1961 lava flow from the edge of the base
on Friday 12th march
(Dr Carel van der Merwe)
The attractive displays in the new
Post Office and Tourism Centre
(David Morley)
Corinthian II passengers are the first to enjoy
the new centre's facilities.
(David Morley)
Passengers at the Post Office counter
purchasing stamps
(Sue Scott)

The L shaped public area of the new centre features displays, cafe seating
and a coffee shop. (Sue Scott)
The Coffee Shop corner of the new centre.
(Sue Scott)
Passengers leave Tristan's Calshot Harbour by Zodiac (Sue Scott)
Loss of SV Concordia shocks Islanders
The loss of SV Concordia to freak weather conditions off Brazil on 17th February 2010 shocked Islanders who were looking forward to the ship's visit. So the island only now expects two cruise ships to call during the 2009-10 season and hopes for good weather so that passengers can come ashore and enjoy Tristan's famous hospitality.
See report of the loss of SV Concordia on our Shipping News Page.