Tristan da Cunha Shipping News
Reports of vessels visiting Tristan da Cunha, and voyages to and from the island.

Geo Searcher's March-April 2020 Voyage

Report from Cynthia Green

Arrival at Tristan

The MFV Geo Searcher arrived at Tristan at about 8pm on Friday 20th March 2020 and passengers came ashore safely during the morning of Saturday 21st March. Incoming passengers (all resident islanders) then entered an isolation period as an additional precaution against the possibility that they may spread coronavirus. All appeared well on arrival and the passage itself was over the expected seven day incubation period, which provides Tristan da Cunha with perhaps a unique built-in additional quarantine period. Nevertheless, the Tristan Government is taking the threat of coronavirus very seriously.

Departure from Cape Town

The MFV Geo Searcher departed Cape Town on the evening of Friday 13th March 2020.

Passengers on board are: Islanders Sandra & Deanna Rogers, Gerald Repetto, Ricky Swain, Clive, Vera & Herbert Glass, Eugene, Kirsty, Aiden & Ella Repetto.

Sean Burns' photo shows MFV Geo Searcher off Inacessible Island in January 2019
with Nightingale Island visible far right

Island Council takes steps to protect island from coronavirus

Visitor ban announced until further notice
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Gough Restoration Team arrives at the island

Yacht Evohe trip gets the 2020 project properly underway
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Return Visit by the Yacht Ronin

The catamaran yacht Ronin stopped at Tristan on the way back to Cape Town from the Cape2Rio2020 race.
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Edinburgh February 2020 Voyage

Departure from Tristan da Cunha 22nd February 2020
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Yachts Rotary Scout and Argonaut at Tristan

Two yachts stopped at Tristan on the way back to Cape Town from the Cape2Rio2020 race.
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Visit of the Yacht Ciao Bella

Yacht Ciao Bella called at Tristan on the 18th February 2020 on its way back from the Cape2Rio2020 race.
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Biosecurity Measures for Visiting Vessels

Compulsory regulations to protect native species
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First 2020 MFV Edinburgh voyage

Ship departs from Tristan
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